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This Little Light that’s ME!! Why your LIGHT is IMPORTANT!!

This Little Light that’s ME!! Why your LIGHT is IMPORTANT!!
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This Little Light that’s ME!! Why your LIGHT is IMPORTANT!!

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Today was hard!

Fighting sickness. Struggling to work and be mom. Struggling to be a present partner and friend. All while living the role of LIFE Soul Coach to others struggling just like me and trying not to look like a hypocrite of the message I teach because I had a hard day. YEP that sums it up…

In a moment of feeling overwhelmed with emotion for all the efforts I put out into the universe and other humans just like me, I confided in someone today and in response to my need to just be heard or understood they asked me: How do you teach this message to others while not feeling always positive and good yourself and not feel like a hypocrite? At first the word “hypocrite” really stung and felt harsh but after coming home and washing away the day with a warm lavender bath, the work, the struggle, the view that others may have, etc… suddenly didn’t matter.

What came to me was the image of a little candle giving light in the darkness even though it was so small and meek. AH HA!!! We are to be that candle. I AM THAT CANDLE!!

Situations or conditions around us may sometimes affect our flame but it does not change our composition of that as a candle/light.  No matter how bright our light is at the moment or how dull life stuff can make our flame we are still giving light to those in darkness and no one can extinguish our flame if we choose otherwise.

How much better is it to shine a little than not at all in a world full of people not shining at all? Does that make us a hypocrite to state we are a candle and shining even when we are dull? OR does the moment where we ask for help from others to make us thrive and give us oxygen to grow our flame weakness? Does any of that change that we are still a candle? NO!!!

I pray all of us seek daily to make our “little light” shine despite how big or small because I know there is someone in the darkness of life looking for even the smallest glimpse of us that will not care how bright you are, only that you gave them hope by seeing your example. Not an example of the light that outshines all and never faces issues or copes with “hard days” but the example of what light really is…

The energy that says I AM a LIGHT and despite all I may face I will be compassionate enough to share my light even if just a little! I will daily work on growing my light and with guidance from the Divine within me I will shine no matter how big or small.

This little LIGHT that’s ME. I’m gonna let it shine!


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