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These TIMES they say…

These TIMES they say…
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I’ve debated weighing in on this topic but I’m getting more questions daily from clients over anxiety of what’s happening with the coronavirus.

Here’s my full opinion period! If you don’t like it don’t comment. Or we can be adults and have peaceful exchanges. Drumroll…🥁🥁🥁🥁

-Yes I feel Spirit ultimately has everything under control and bigger reasons for all of this. 🙏
-Yes I think anxiety and fear serve no purpose bc it hinders clear vision in decision making.
-Yes I agree we are all going to die or get sick from something eventually. (Afterall my business is talking to those people who have died 💜)

BUT and this is a BIG BUT

I’m still not going to lick someone with coronavirus if I could even know who they were right now (humor needed🤣) or step out in front of a bus to speed up risks of sickness/death. 🚌🚌

🤔I’ve never heard people say they enjoy being sick or look forward to dying no matter the cause. Right? 👍

Poor choices, bad decisions, lack of respect for others have ripple effects much like a virus. Literally & physically in cases like this.

Consider where your ripple will go…Risk only what you’re willing to lose. That’s life advice period but definitely applies here.

There will always be:
-People who choose to live a “no worries” life because we gotta die eventually.
-People who want to always plan and be prepared and are more cautious.
-People who never feel enough passion about anything that they stay neutral.
-People who are too afraid to speak up and falsely appear neutral
-People who can find balance in ALL OF the ABOVE. ☯️

“Bad” stuff happens. Period. Yes.
But in bad times we need to support, unite, help or at the VERY least honor each others decisions; not find more reasons to DIVIDE!

WE alienate people who may need us when they are afraid to say they are scared about an issue others around them are laughing at. And in alienation they can’t get educated or helped or relieved of their anxiety. So the cycle of division begins and no changes are made.

*In my years of experience talking to people who have crossed the common themes are:

1. There’s nothing anyone could’ve done more or less of, it was MY choice or MY time.
2. I regret decisions and would’ve made better choices if given the chance again.
3. I’m at peace, lived a full life and wouldn’t have changed a thing.

So yes in the end we will be OK no matter what but I’m still gonna live a fighter life mentality to try my best to see my kids grow up with a mother based on choices I can live with when so much else is out of our control. 

No matter what “type” of person listed above you consider yourself chances are the person beside you is not the same.

So support the friend stocking up on supplies or not letting her kids play with yours right now! Because there will always be 2 sides of the coin that no one will know the outcome of until it’s there. 🔮🔮🔮
1. I was too safe & it saved me or nothing happened so no loss anyway.
2. I was careless & dodged another bullet bc nothing happened or now I’m banging on that friends door for supplies! Let’s hope she let’s you in…💯

In the meantime consider instead of debating, focus on sending out healing prayers to our country and world. Bottom line we need that coronavirus or not!!🌍🙏🇺🇸

Paige Land

@SEandHbyPaige #SEandH_Paige

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