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Archangel Micheal Card Spread for Week of April 1st 2017
Archangel Micheal Card Spread for Week of April 1st 2017
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Happy Friday Everyone!!

This 3 card spread is for the weekend through the middle of next week.

These cards come with inspirational prayers you can use to help you connect with Spirit and get answers to questions that are stirring up around you. What better time than the weekend to lay back, relax , reflect on what happened and look forward to taking charge of the upcoming week instead of it controlling you!

This week is about making decisions that  benefit your highest good whether personally or professionally. Understanding that Spirit always knows what is for your highest good is different than actually being able to feel good about the decisions you make and finding the strength to make them while not compromising your integrity.

The first card reveals the need to take your time this week in decision making.  Pause, breathe then decide.

The 2nd card reminds you that self-respect comes from within not based on the decisions you make. Therefore sometimes decisions need to be made in order to maintain the level of respect for yourself needed so not to feel taken advantage of personally and professionally.

The 3rd card summarizes the spread by ensuring you that no decision can be wrong if after prayed/meditated on it feels right because your life’s purpose is to be fulfilled no matter what path you take or how many detours it takes for you to get there! LISTEN, DO, TRUST, WAIT!!!

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