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Spring up in EVERY WAY!!
Spring up in EVERY WAY!!
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Spring is coming, Spring is here…

We see it around us and feel it within us. The need to clean out the old to make room for the new. Spring is in all of us.

Much like gardens need to be weed free, so too do we!

This time of year we often feel the urgency of the new year going by too fast and all the new year plans we made falling between the cracks of the mundane everyday routines. We  aware or not, may feel anxiety or restlessness and not quite understand why, but in the midst of everything still have a knowing that somethings no longer serve our higher good and need to be cleared out of our lives, our souls and our surroundings. It’s in this uneasiness that we MUST SPRING up in EVERY WAY!!

Let’s clean up, clear out and get prepared to plant seeds to harvest/manifest all the desires, wants and goals for the rest of this amazing 2017!!!

Remember in times like this to stay grounded and connected and the answers you need will always be found within. Listen, obey and enjoy!

As a kick off to preparing for new changes in my life and business I will soon be doing weekly video blogs on topics Spirit leads me to talk about and weekly card spreads for encouragement!! I look forward to all your comments and likes and shares!! Please help me spread the love by sharing with those whom you feel may need it!!

STay TuNed!!!



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