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What’s YOUR Mission Statement?
What’s YOUR Mission Statement?
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Mission Statement for Life

People ask me to summarize what it is I do. I seem to always chuckle and pause at first because it has never been something I could explain simply without listing the specific actions I do. Today while enjoying my morning coffee and listening to my kids run around laughing and playing I felt such peace and purpose. I’ve created so much in the last few years while being a mommy and working etc.…I knew where my heart was with these projects back then but today felt a deeper connection. I’ve spent the last few years living Metaphysical Mommies and Serene Escapes & Healing out. I’ve been raising little humans, growing, learning and healing myself while all along helping others. And that is the answer to what people ask me, that is what I do. That is what these projects mean to me. But more importantly that is just who I am, what I am here to do as a person without or without the business. We all need a mission statement for our life. Just like a business uses this to stay focus we need the same as individuals to have vision, clarity and purpose.

On the eve of my 34=7 birthday and a 2 year I can’t wait to see where Spirit takes me and my business and writing from here. Either way it’s always an adventure and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

After all these years of writing on and creating Serene Escapes & Healing it finally hit me so clearly what it is I do, well Spirit does through me. Here it is ya’ll!


Serene Escapes & Healing by Paige

Mission Statement

I help people discover their soul path, discover why they are here and what they came here to do. Then I motivate, teach and inspire them to make necessary changes in the present to evolve so to achieve what they came here to do while feeling purposeful and connected to the Divine source of God energy.


*Call me, come see me, just reach out! Let me help you because in helping you I learn and grow too. *

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