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With the Fierceness of a Lion, going into the Eclipse: I Eclipse OUT… I Bring IN!!
With the Fierceness of a Lion, going into the Eclipse: I Eclipse OUT… I Bring IN!!
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With the Fierceness of a Lion, going into the Eclipse: I Eclipse OUT… I bring IN…

What are we Eclipsing out? What are we bringing in?

Lonely Lion in the Serengeti National Park (Tanzania)

Read about the Eclipse Energy happening this Saturday the 11th. It is no surprise changes are happening and need to happen now. Starting today through Saturday’s eclipse is the energy of an eclipse that is strongest this year. It is time, starting today, to tell Spirit what you want, create your vision for your personal life, business life and self-improvement goals.

Eclipse out what no longer serves you and bring in what your heart really desires for your future. Whatever plans you make and whatever you release that is not for your highest good helps propel you into your manifestations for the next 6months. It’s a time to let go of all things, people, ideas that no longer serve you so that you go fresh into your next stage of life. Rapid changes are happening in the next 6months for better or worse depending on what you pray for, focus your energy on and trust in.

Start today planning how you want the rest of your life to look and on 11:11am Saturday which is the 11th, (all 11’s the number of manifestation) take time to pray on this exact plan with the intention of being open to what is for your highest good and watch great things come.

Here is what I am eclipsing out and bringing in. What’s your plan?

I eclipse out of my life the worry of finances. The worry and thinking and wondering if we will have enough each month and if the flow of income will remain constant. I eclipse out of my life the idea that I am not moving into my destiny fast enough or that I am not doing what I am supposed to be doing each moment or that I could be doing it better. I eclipse out the idea I must be working constantly, or I am not moving forward into my destiny. I eclipse out any energy that no longer serves me and beliefs that no longer are truth to me. I eclipse out people who don’t support me or serve my highest good who have ill intentions whether seen or unseen. I eclipse out all roadblocks seen or unseen hindering my pace to my destiny.

I bring in the knowing that “Finances flow, the more I trust, the more they grow.”

I bring in the knowing that we are meant to do great things and finances will and must be there to get us where we are supposed to be. To get us to fulfilling our purpose, where we can help others and the greater good.

I release the energy of unworthiness and doubt. I trust… I trust my partner in life. I trust Spirit. I trust my guides and the contract I made before I came back to this Earth. I trust Divine timing is always on my side. I trust my kids will do the right thing and are absorbing what I am trying to instill in them. I trust Spirit is rounding up my tribe and they will be entering my life in Divine Timing. I trust those who stay in my circle now are meant to go forward by my side for the future.

I trust, and I breathe, and I wait to watch it all come to fruition.

Paige Land 2018


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