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King and Queens of Hearts!!!
King and Queens of Hearts!!!
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King and Queens of Hearts20161215_195643

As I sat beside my kids watching them splash and kick bath water all over the bathroom I was overcome with both joy and sadness. I looked at my little King and Queens and immediately felt the reality of these 3 small humans epitomizing my heart (multiplied by 3) being ruled/carried outside my body, out of my control and the vulnerability that came with those feelings.

20161215_195451I looked at them knowing without doubt I would leap in front of a car for them, take a bullet or counterattack anything that posed them harm while realizing at the same time I won’t always be there to do so. It’s easier to idealize this in your mind when they are young children or babies but what happens when their heart is broken for the first time or they get injured or sick as adults, don’t call to tell you about it and suffer alone? What happens when they no longer depend on you and seek freedom from you? What happens when reality of how little control you have is clear and unchangeable yet them being your heart is not? And that’s when I realized the King and Queens of my heart, the 3 little humans who ARE my heart walking around outside of my body have been my only relationship of unconditional love given and possibly not reciprocated.

In 33 yrs. I have never loved unconditionally until them. I thought about how sad this was. How many people I have encountered in my years of life for this to be true. And I contemplated when I stopped being open to it or if I ever was. I felt how selfish this must be. But I felt excited that this awakening was happening at such an early age because now I still have time to change it.20160801_180850

Don’t we all have these moments? Moments when parts of the dark side of our soul is revealed? And what do we do once its revealed?

That is when it became clear, the message of what unconditional love is, love that is freely given without guarantees of it being returned.

Happiness came with this as I became overwhelmingly grateful for this connection, this blessing and bond I have towards the King and Queens of my heart. However, sadness came when Spirit showed me this unconditional love is not meant to only be shared in bonds of these sort like that of a mother and child but to be shared will all of humanity. That the lesson in this school room of life is to learn just that. To learn how to love and share it unconditionally will all humans and at all costs especially when you may get nothing in return. This example is given throughout many religions and history lessons. An example of one person giving their life or sacrificing greatly to save others out of unconditional love for a greater good. Yet we read these events as just that, stories. As if it is unattainable for us to do the same. Yet these people were all human like you and me. They just made a choice!

How great would the world be if we each chose just 1 person to love unconditionally outside of normal boundaries that make it easy to do so. What if we all started with just 1 and that 1 gave it to another? I fathomed how it would feel, how the vulnerability of even the thought of how it would feel, felt. I struggled to think of who I would choose, was there anyone in my life currently I could share this with?

For the world to need so much love it seems counterintuitive that we would be giving out much more hate and hurt instead? But it’s hard to love in a world that hurts us. It’s much easier to shut down and not live from a place of openheartedness. And although I understand why we do it, it doesn’t excuse the fact we shouldn’t?  I mean doesn’t someone have to give in to break the cycle.20160925_123516-2

Who are the King or Queens of your heart? If you don’t have any I encourage you to start looking today? Let’s break the cycle so love can flow!!!!20160801_180840 (1)


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