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With the Fierceness of a Lion, going into the Eclipse: I Eclipse OUT… I Bring IN!!
With the Fierceness of a Lion, going into the Eclipse: I Eclipse OUT… I Bring IN!!
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With the Fierceness of a Lion, going into the Eclipse: I Eclipse OUT… I bring IN…

What are we Eclipsing out? What are we bringing in?

Lonely Lion in the Serengeti National Park (Tanzania)

Read about the Eclipse Energy happening this Saturday the 11th. It is no surprise changes are happening and need to happen now. Starting today through Saturday’s eclipse is the energy of an eclipse that is strongest this year. It is time, starting today, to tell Spirit what you want, create your vision for your personal life, business life and self-improvement goals.

Eclipse out what no longer serves you and bring in what your heart really desires for your future. Whatever plans you make and whatever you release that is not for your highest good helps propel you into your manifestations for the next 6months. It’s a time to let go of all things, people, ideas that no longer serve you so that you go fresh into your next stage of life. Rapid changes are happening in the next 6months for better or worse depending on what you pray for, focus your energy on and trust in.

Start today planning how you want the rest of your life to look and on 11:11am Saturday which is the 11th, (all 11’s the number of manifestation) take time to pray on this exact plan with the intention of being open to what is for your highest good and watch great things come.

Here is what I am eclipsing out and bringing in. What’s your plan?

I eclipse out of my life the worry of finances. The worry and thinking and wondering if we will have enough each month and if the flow of income will remain constant. I eclipse out of my life the idea that I am not moving into my destiny fast enough or that I am not doing what I am supposed to be doing each moment or that I could be doing it better. I eclipse out the idea I must be working constantly, or I am not moving forward into my destiny. I eclipse out any energy that no longer serves me and beliefs that no longer are truth to me. I eclipse out people who don’t support me or serve my highest good who have ill intentions whether seen or unseen. I eclipse out all roadblocks seen or unseen hindering my pace to my destiny.

I bring in the knowing that “Finances flow, the more I trust, the more they grow.”

I bring in the knowing that we are meant to do great things and finances will and must be there to get us where we are supposed to be. To get us to fulfilling our purpose, where we can help others and the greater good.

I release the energy of unworthiness and doubt. I trust… I trust my partner in life. I trust Spirit. I trust my guides and the contract I made before I came back to this Earth. I trust Divine timing is always on my side. I trust my kids will do the right thing and are absorbing what I am trying to instill in them. I trust Spirit is rounding up my tribe and they will be entering my life in Divine Timing. I trust those who stay in my circle now are meant to go forward by my side for the future.

I trust, and I breathe, and I wait to watch it all come to fruition.

Paige Land 2018


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Be a QUEEN while waiting for your KING!! (or vice versus, LoL!!!)
Be a QUEEN while waiting for your KING!! (or vice versus, LoL!!!)
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Be a Queen while waiting for your King!! (or vice versus, LoL!!!)

I work with clients that consistently ask me when will Mr. Right come into my life? Why do I always pick the same type of guy and/or why do they always find me? Will I ever have the future husband/King and family I want?

My questions are then: What are you doing differently? In each situation what was different?

Usually their answer is: Nothing. Hmmm…

We are creatures of habit. Often it takes us going through the same situations repeatedly until it is finally unbearable to be forced to change before we see the light or gather our own conclusions.

So, what is my answer to them?

You will attract what you project. IF you project loneliness, desperation, or lack of confidence then those energies will most likely be in the person who decides to engage with you. IF you appear vulnerable you may find yourself a victim to weaker more predatory energies.

And this is where the idea of being a Queen while waiting for your King is most important. Don’t downgrade yourself to servant status and then wonder why only jokers approach you!

NO matter what you think of yourself now, you are a Queen. We are all beautiful and worthy of love, we however must believe it and live in that power. Living in the power of those beliefs allows you to project the energies you want in return.

It’s easy to want to settle when you’ve dated Mr. Wrong too many times. It’s easy to get discouraged when you keep meeting the same type of person just different face.

So, what do we do when we get stuck in the same cycle and feel like we are never going to have the future we want or share life with the person in our dreams?

Better yet what causes us to get stuck in such a place?

WE are NOT being the QUEEN!!

Being the QUEEN means being wholesome in oneself. Understanding yourself on a deeper level, carrying confidence in your appearance and projecting the exact energy you want to receive from someone else and energy of the type of person you are willing to engage with, while having defined unspoken standards and visions of what your ideal King embodies so to eliminate anyone who doesn’t qualify.

Remember the times being out with friends and everyone was asked to dance but you or your friend got a number for later and you didn’t even get approached? Those times can leave you feeling unwanted, unnoticed and unattractive. But what if we are looking at it the wrong way? What if our energy and the way we carry our self directly reflects on who is brave enough to approach you? On who you would want to approach you?

In times like these just remind yourself you are a Queen and you were not asked to dance not because you are unwanted or unattractive, it’s because your King wasn’t there to notice you.

You can’t expect a King if you blend in with all the other people around you. Queens are the ones who know their worth, have experienced less and decided to never settle again. Kings are attracted to Queens. Only a King will be brave enough to approach a Queen.

Holding the World with The Law of Attraction

Holding the World with The Law of Attraction

If you act like a servant you will most likely attract the joker of the court.

So, empower yourself! Believe you deserve better than what you have allowed in your life! Don’t get discouraged while waiting because it takes just as much effort to become a King as it does a Queen so wait for him to appear. And no matter how long it takes stay the Queen while waiting on your King!!!


(aka Scorpion Kingdom Queen) This one is for you Justin and all the hard work we have put into being who we are!!!

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Don’t pick up That JUNK!!!  Attract the energies you want and eliminate the ones you don’t!!!
Don’t pick up That JUNK!!! Attract the energies you want and eliminate the ones you don’t!!!
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Don’t pick up That JUNK!!!

Attract the energies you want and eliminate the ones you don’t!!!Sensing Space

Recently I had a conversation with clients regarding clearing their home of unwanted entities. The clients’ first comment was concern for me not coming on this beautiful FULL moon or near the weekend so close to Halloween in fear of the energies being too intense. Although his concern was quite genuine and much appreciated, it sparked my need to share the idea of controlling our own energy space. As I explained to him how thoughtful it was to consider these events as impacting my ability to clear his home, it immediately hit me of the importance to teach others that no matter what situation is upon you, no outside energy can harm or effect your purpose if you “Don’t pick up That JUNK!”

So how do we go through the day to day or face unique circumstances without picking up energies/junk we do not want or that may even scare us? The truth is I am far from naïve and have had enough experience with dark entities to know some of the spirits we feel or energies we deal with are not always easy to control. Some can be very scary to say the least. However the more I evolve the fiercer I become in wanting to eliminate these types of energies and understand the importance of remaining clear and grounded in order to not attract them either.

As humans we are walking bundles of energy. Souls whether on this side or the other, freed or trapped in the “between places” are also bundles of energy, making us all beakers of light. How much we exude our energy whether purposefully or unaware affects how bright our light shines and the brightness of our light affects what light we attract as well. When we are in control of our personal energy and can reel it in or illuminate it on command we have better control of what energies/junk we pick up or allow in. When we do not have control of our energy/light then we are susceptible to any and all other energies invading our space at free will. Unfortunately there are always negative entities waiting in the wings to take advantage of the brightest most unprotected/uncontrolled light. And often it’s not until you start feeling ill or emotional or have a traumatic supernatural experience that you realize your light has been left unattended and invaded.

Selenite natural crystal mineral gypsum known as satin spar, desert rose, and gypsum flower

Selenite natural crystal mineral gypsum known as satin spar, desert rose, and gypsum flower

Then what? And how do we not let that happen again?

Clearing negative entities from your space, home, office etc.… is one thing but after your surroundings are clear if you personally are not sealed up and protected then you can draw in the same energies you just rid yourself of. So as much as I thoroughly love clearing spaces for clients my true joy comes from teaching them how to clear themselves and remain grounded in order to stay protected and control what energies they allow in or pick up. I give tools to help them face unwanted energies and gradually take control of their light and what comes to it. By doing this they also become enlightened and empowered to take over their own space in the event other unwanted entities show up again. I will share some of the tips I give clients below. Everyone has individual needs but I hope you find some of these tips helpful and most importantly begin TODAY taking control of your light so you “Don’t pick up That JUNK!”..




Some examples of ways to clear/protect yourself:

-Shower while envisioning the water as white light covering you and rinsing away the energies attached to you.

-Meditation/Prayer daily, usually prior to start of day to remain grounded

-Use divination tools that bring you closer to spirit such as prayer beads, tarot or angel cards, etc.…

-Learn about the power of Archangels and connect with your spirit guides for help and protection

-Go barefoot more often to stay grounded with Mother Earth energy

-Eat as healthy as possible to have clean energy entering your body so to stay balanced from the inside out


Ways to clear/protect your surroundings:

-Use essential oils, incense, stones or other objects that deflect specific energies.

-Set up your house with protection in mind by displaying items such as crosses, stones, angels, prayer beads, tarot/angel cards, etc.…

-Display pictures of spirit guides especially loved ones who have passed that you feel connected to

-Display figurines or pictures of spirit animals/guides to draw on their abilities/energies

-Burn candles

-Burn sage and/or frankincense or other incense daily

-Use salt lamps


Above are just a few examples of things that work. For a more customized plan for your needs or intuitive counseling to help you daily on your path contact me by visiting my website:

Much Love and LIGHT

PaigeGray Wolf Howling






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