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HUMANS are DYING not just races…Red or Yellow, Black or White we are precious in his sight…
HUMANS are DYING not just races…Red or Yellow, Black or White we are precious in his sight…
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Don’t rant about races dying. ITS HUMANS WHO ARE DYING! HUMANS… And it’s being felt all over the world…Karma

SO do something to heal this which starts with YOU, from WITHIN! Or shut up!!


People are DYING, they are dying in their homes, on the road, in the streets, at their own hands and the hands of others. We jump to making it a race issue but all races are being affected. It’s the races that have the loudest voices that are getting the attention BUT NOT necessarily sparking the most positive actions. At the core of their rants is a root issue from centuries ago not being healed but instead being left to breed more hatred and bitterness leading to more injustices like the ones that started their rants to begin with. The rants are being felt and read by millions causing a crew to grow whose behaviors will cause a war that they will not be prepared to fight or want to fight in the end. Thus more HUMANS DYING…

The same people saying they feel their race is not being honored or loved or respected are spewing emotions causing an up rise of people who are being fueled by the same exact faults they are using as reasoning for screaming racist remarks or going on “witch hunts.”

Racism doesn’t cure racism, it fuels more hate and even more disconnection from the Divine beings we’re meant to honor in one another. You shoot me. So I shoot you… Genius now we are both dead!!

*Red or yellow, black or white we are precious in HIS sight! An old hymn comes to mind in times like this. *

White kills black centuries ago and we still haven’t learned to heal from that but continue to teach the next generations about only the injustices that were felt and in turn fuel groups for black to kill white and we wonder why racism won’t end. Brown may have issues soon with a wall. Red was here first and should have issues with us all. Religions are fighting religions, sexes are fighting sexes and whatever color is involved at the time gets blamed for that too. SO WHAT!!

The reality is much more serious. We are all actually fight something much bigger which is the recognition of self and how ugly we can be. A process meant to enlighten us to a place of higher consciousness and awareness of GOD energy, not cause us to blame everyone else for all that is wrong with us or that which happens to us and use it as a reason to cause more hurt. Don’t blame your crappy childhood for you being an asshole. Blame yourself for not wanting or seeking help to discover yourself after tragedy. Don’t blame me for your hurt because I am of the same color of someone who hurt you. Look into yourself on how you can change something surrounding the real issue that caused the tragedy. And even more so challenge yourself to find the light, the lesson, in the darkness. Learn from the tragedy and evolve.


SHUT UP or do something loving and productive to cause the paradigm shift this world needs to not see COLOR or fuel hatred period! (And if you don’t know what paradigm shift means then you are probably one of the people I am talking to that should quit spewing unintelligent remarks to the world that fuels this insanity.)


It makes me sick that there are so many of us that can see the world hurting and do things to make the change for better when daily we are reminded of how outnumbered we are by those who choose not to and in addition spread the dark to the next generations. You think your predecessors would be pleased with your spewing of hatred? You think Dr. King or any of the other enlightened souls for change would be cheering your “witch hunt” on? NO!

Enlightenment would teach you they are in a place of such peace and love now, after death, that they would be scolding you worse than this writing if you weren’t too self-absorbed and disconnected to the Divine to listen.

ITS ENOUGH!! Loss is hard no matter who it is or what color they are because to someone they were a child, a parent, a sibling or a friend. God forbid you ever experience such loss but learn from those who have. They will tell you that from a place of such despair they come out feeling better once they have done something positive in respect to the loss of their loved ones. If murdered they start a foundation for other murder victim’s families. If kidnapped go to congress and force a new law to pass so it doesn’t happen as easily to some other child. DON’T sit in your sadness and brew hate because you feel too hurt to do the right thing or are too lazy to seek the loving route instead.

You killing me won’t help the hurt you feel from losing your child just because I am white and it won’t help the family I leave behind at home who is probably a mixture of all these other races you are out there hating on which by the way is most of the population now, not just my kids.

And this is what all of us who are light bearers in this world of darkness should not be afraid to say. My white people won’t speak up in fear they will get accosted for having a “white opinion” and my black people won’t in fear of being viewed as traitors to their people when the TRUTH is we are all PEOPLE. YOU ARE ALL “MY” people and therefore I would love for us ALL to stop hurting each other, red or yellow, black or white.

Not speaking up or remaining “neutral” as a way to keep the peace is only a fools dream that by doing such he will not be affected. In reality remaining silent in your neutrality will make you very ill-equipped when the darkness finds you. You may have little to no time to form an opinion then that might save your life or could have prepared you for it before it came knocking.

After all the saying “AN EYE FOR AN EYE” fails to mention in the end we both lose an eye…

Think about it…



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