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Emerge and Resurge!! (thought for the day)

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From the Latin emergere, meaning to “rise out or up, bring forth, bring to light,” Emerge

Resurge has surge as its base word. Surge is from the Latin word surgere, meaning “to rise or swell.” In its original sense, surge referred to rising water — like a rising tide. Resurge means to come back from a low point to rise again.

Emerge and Resurge 

Paige Land


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Soul flow for success! Won’t you come with me?

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When you are in your soul flow everything else will flow… This is the message Spirit gave me to relay to my love the other day.FB_IMG_1459132755391

I watched as he got bogged down with work. Owning his own business and feeling the weight of the success of that falling on him was showing after a long week of catch up work from vacation. I asked Spirit how I could help and then I heard, tell him:

Get in your soul flow and everything else will flow.

So I did. I told him those exact words and suddenly saw a difference in his eyes. He understood this message meant solely for him instantly. I of course wanted to understand more and after meditating on it Spirit revealed a deeper meaning to this simple message.

We get consumed in the routine of life. We understand that effort equals outcome and that this applies to almost all areas of life. Relationship, business, health, etc… Usually the success of any of these is a direct reflection of the effort we put into them. But so often we get lost in the efforts. Instead of seeking help, we drive forward like bulls determined to achieve whatever vision we placed on what we are working towards. In that pursuit for success we become slaves to the effort, feeling that it is all on us, that we must do it all in order for success. We  become blind to the forces around us seen and unseen waiting to help. In the blindness we lose connection to source and to the relationships around us in this physical plane. We keep pushing and probably see some result or else we would quit or change course.  But what if the results could be so much more abundant and easier to achieve?

When we tap into source and realize everything we need is in us, we get the answers. They flow to us.

We can achieve successes that feel bittersweet due to what was lost along the way. So not all things gained feel like victory just because we achieved it.  Perhaps the greatness of success ties to understanding the source in us driving/balancing the efforts leading to that success. Without connection to your soul, (the deeper reason we are really doing any of this) we will always feel as if we are swimming upstream. You can do it but it seems much easier to float with the current to your destination instead.

So how do we do this while still fulfilling our daily obligations? You find the balance. You find what connects you to source and fuels your energy/creativity to continue to push forward. By honoring your connection to source, whatever your source is, then your mind becomes unclogged and you wake up to all that is swirling around you waiting to fall into your hands.

My love always played guitar. It was a release for him and after a few minutes great ideas would come. Shortly after this message he shared with me that some days he would play on his lunch break. After a few days he noticed he would get a business breakthrough during the time he was playing. Then he would stop for a few days and he would get nothing. Those are the days he would get back into pushing forward like a bull and feeling exhausted which is the place he was in when the message came.FB_IMG_1457739506955

Playing connected him to source. It was balance to his work day and through balance more reward came and it came with less effort.

Spirit loves connecting with us too. Spirit wants to see us happy along the journey. Happiness sometimes requires playfulness too. Its balance! The Divine loves us and knows we will be okay so it’s fun to play with us when all we can see is how serious life feels most of the time.

And that is what soul flow is all about:

Understanding we are here for a much bigger purpose (our soul purpose). We are here to find that purpose and live from a place that contributes to that purpose. Honoring it once we find it, never forgetting that connection to source is how we discovered it. So it only makes sense that by honoring this connection more abundance will flow. It’s always there we just have to tap into it from a place of flow not force.

Since this message you better believe he plays on his lunch breaks now. HAHA!!

Soul Flow with me!!




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About 6000 miles and 14 states!! It’s great to be back…HOME…Colorado

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About 6000 miles and 14 states!! It’s great to be back…HOME…Colorado1471129598042 1471234228564 1471234583531 1471235015347 20160809_132654 - Copy 20160811_181951 20160811_182116 - Copy 20160811_193949 20160811_211309 20160811_213712 20160811_220945~2 20160811_223225 2016-08-01_15.50.05 2016-08-13_17.37.40 2016-08-13_17.42.56 2016-08-13_17.44.07 2016-08-13_17.49.15

Traveling with my family over the summer is always great. Packing up the car and making memories with all the wonderful heartbeats along for the ride whether 2 legs or 4. I look at my kids and see the anticipation of what each trip will bring as we are off for adventures while seeking to spend time with loved ones out of state. Taking the time, making the memories and seeing what Spirit has in store is the story of our lives. This summer I was blessed to see some beautiful souls and journeyed in the Spiritual realms as much as I did the physical. Every trip leads to more questions and yet more answers also as to what the end of the year will bring and what new projects I need to begin or finish. We collected precious items we lost along the way from last year’s trip and definitely gained more in spirit than we could have possibly given out. This year’s trip was very symbolic for gathering lost pieces so to be fulfilled and complete.

Riding shotgun somewhere through Louisiana, Missouri and Kansas I was able to do some awesome Shamanic journeying. Spirit set me up for some great endeavors ahead while validating what I was already feeling. (I can’t wait to share it all soon as things come to the surface). The most important message I got is how grounding the red clay dirt of the Carolinas is for me. In honoring the 4 directions I always thank the Spirits of the South for giving me roots and nourishment but when my feet actually get to touch down in the heartland I feel the energy I am always showing gratitude for. Born and raised in South Carolina its energy is always within.

This trip as all of them do created great memories. From the dead heat of Texas to the lakes of the Carolinas and all that’s in between we made it back to Colorado with more than we left with. Connections to others is what it is all about. Sacrifice of time and money opens the doors to success if you focus on what feels right and do it!

So I will always remember to take time for family and traveling across country because coming back I am always renewed and ready to start the next leg of the marathon that is my crazy life. ITS ON NOW!!!


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HUMANS are DYING not just races…Red or Yellow, Black or White we are precious in his sight…

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Don’t rant about races dying. ITS HUMANS WHO ARE DYING! HUMANS… And it’s being felt all over the world…Karma

SO do something to heal this which starts with YOU, from WITHIN! Or shut up!!


People are DYING, they are dying in their homes, on the road, in the streets, at their own hands and the hands of others. We jump to making it a race issue but all races are being affected. It’s the races that have the loudest voices that are getting the attention BUT NOT necessarily sparking the most positive actions. At the core of their rants is a root issue from centuries ago not being healed but instead being left to breed more hatred and bitterness leading to more injustices like the ones that started their rants to begin with. The rants are being felt and read by millions causing a crew to grow whose behaviors will cause a war that they will not be prepared to fight or want to fight in the end. Thus more HUMANS DYING…

The same people saying they feel their race is not being honored or loved or respected are spewing emotions causing an up rise of people who are being fueled by the same exact faults they are using as reasoning for screaming racist remarks or going on “witch hunts.”

Racism doesn’t cure racism, it fuels more hate and even more disconnection from the Divine beings we’re meant to honor in one another. You shoot me. So I shoot you… Genius now we are both dead!!

*Red or yellow, black or white we are precious in HIS sight! An old hymn comes to mind in times like this. *

White kills black centuries ago and we still haven’t learned to heal from that but continue to teach the next generations about only the injustices that were felt and in turn fuel groups for black to kill white and we wonder why racism won’t end. Brown may have issues soon with a wall. Red was here first and should have issues with us all. Religions are fighting religions, sexes are fighting sexes and whatever color is involved at the time gets blamed for that too. SO WHAT!!

The reality is much more serious. We are all actually fight something much bigger which is the recognition of self and how ugly we can be. A process meant to enlighten us to a place of higher consciousness and awareness of GOD energy, not cause us to blame everyone else for all that is wrong with us or that which happens to us and use it as a reason to cause more hurt. Don’t blame your crappy childhood for you being an asshole. Blame yourself for not wanting or seeking help to discover yourself after tragedy. Don’t blame me for your hurt because I am of the same color of someone who hurt you. Look into yourself on how you can change something surrounding the real issue that caused the tragedy. And even more so challenge yourself to find the light, the lesson, in the darkness. Learn from the tragedy and evolve.


SHUT UP or do something loving and productive to cause the paradigm shift this world needs to not see COLOR or fuel hatred period! (And if you don’t know what paradigm shift means then you are probably one of the people I am talking to that should quit spewing unintelligent remarks to the world that fuels this insanity.)


It makes me sick that there are so many of us that can see the world hurting and do things to make the change for better when daily we are reminded of how outnumbered we are by those who choose not to and in addition spread the dark to the next generations. You think your predecessors would be pleased with your spewing of hatred? You think Dr. King or any of the other enlightened souls for change would be cheering your “witch hunt” on? NO!

Enlightenment would teach you they are in a place of such peace and love now, after death, that they would be scolding you worse than this writing if you weren’t too self-absorbed and disconnected to the Divine to listen.

ITS ENOUGH!! Loss is hard no matter who it is or what color they are because to someone they were a child, a parent, a sibling or a friend. God forbid you ever experience such loss but learn from those who have. They will tell you that from a place of such despair they come out feeling better once they have done something positive in respect to the loss of their loved ones. If murdered they start a foundation for other murder victim’s families. If kidnapped go to congress and force a new law to pass so it doesn’t happen as easily to some other child. DON’T sit in your sadness and brew hate because you feel too hurt to do the right thing or are too lazy to seek the loving route instead.

You killing me won’t help the hurt you feel from losing your child just because I am white and it won’t help the family I leave behind at home who is probably a mixture of all these other races you are out there hating on which by the way is most of the population now, not just my kids.

And this is what all of us who are light bearers in this world of darkness should not be afraid to say. My white people won’t speak up in fear they will get accosted for having a “white opinion” and my black people won’t in fear of being viewed as traitors to their people when the TRUTH is we are all PEOPLE. YOU ARE ALL “MY” people and therefore I would love for us ALL to stop hurting each other, red or yellow, black or white.

Not speaking up or remaining “neutral” as a way to keep the peace is only a fools dream that by doing such he will not be affected. In reality remaining silent in your neutrality will make you very ill-equipped when the darkness finds you. You may have little to no time to form an opinion then that might save your life or could have prepared you for it before it came knocking.

After all the saying “AN EYE FOR AN EYE” fails to mention in the end we both lose an eye…

Think about it…



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Life is like a HIKE!!!

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Life is like a HIKE!!

You start excited and full of energy to conquer what’s ahead. Jumping in all the way with everything you have to give! But somewhere along the way you begin to get weary from the sweat, work and effort it is taking for you to climb the mountain or stay on the path you have chosen to start. You encounter tree roots that either ground you or trip you. You face boulders in the path that either stay obstacles or become achievable landmarks to jump over and squeeze around. There is energy all around  that either acts as distraction and noise or catches your attention enough for you to value taking a moment to stop and absorb it all instead of rushing past it. As you get closer to peaks in the path you may have some areas fully engulfing you, blocking your view or areas of clearing where you can see for miles ahead. You may find it comforting to rest in the clearings or feel restless and eager to keeping going. There can be dry patches in the path but water and nourishment too.2016-06-23_15.25.46

Nevertheless, as you approach the final peak, your final destination, the end of the path, you often gain a little more momentum so that when your feet finally touch the dirt dead end you can look out over the land below and breathe in all that you experienced along the HIKE. There is where you will reflect on your hard work. This is when you will decide if the peak is enough.  Maybe you will want to start another path or instead coast the rest of the way back down.1466717595920

For some of us there may be 80 peaks like years in the life of our souls in this fragile human body. Some of us may find completion in 20 but no matter how many paths you choose to HIKE one thing will always be the same. It’s YOUR path, YOUR choice to do with it what YOU wish. It will be ordinary or extraordinary depending on what YOU create and in the end all that will matter is you got there and how that makes YOU feel. When you reach your final peak will you feel fulfilled? Will you look out over the land and feel complete?

JUMP into LIFE. Start walking that HIKE uphill!! And most important stop along the way to notice the flowers, the hummingbirds and all that Mother Earth has in store for you. Take in the journey, don’t focus on the time it takes you to reach the top!!

Paige Land

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Humble vs Grateful/Kind

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Humble  vs  Grateful/Kindlion2bg1600x500

Humble versus grateful is interesting. So we are taught to be humble by religion or family or mentors so often but at the same told to let our light shine. That’s one big contradiction! Humble I feel comes from a place of belittlement. Be humble is often spoken from the mouths of those who see someone else exceling and is given as a reminder DO NOT get too big. You must not break records or strive for the skies or else you must be reminded to be humble. It is a word that feels like suppression. Why can’t I reach for the stars and not have to be reminded that I am doing something others may not be able to or choose not to?

NO ONE SAYS YOU CAN’T! In fact, it is limiting beliefs that spark inside you after hearing a word like “humble” that tells you, you can’t, not the universe, not spirit, not the Divine but instead ego man!

Spirit wants all great things for us. Ultimate evolvement! The powers of the universe want to see you excel at everything you came here to do and learn. All that they require in return is gratitude with a little mixture of kindness. Why should you dull your sparkle in regards to humbleness just because another’s sparkle is dull? You don’t need to make your greatness small to make others feel better but instead in kindness and gratitude teach others how to make theirs bigger. If we all humble ourselves then where will all our leaders and path creators and energy shifters go? We are all meant to be ONE as we circle through this life back into the Divine but we are also meant to be the best version of ourselves and learn compassion, love and kindness. And in learning help others find the way too.

Be grateful for your abilities and remember to be kind to those less fortunate. When preventable never leave one behind but in doing so DO NOT humble yourself. Instead help others shine with you!

Beautiful dark woman with sword in a desert and stormy landscape. Fantasy and surreal

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1st EVENT ON JUNE 10th the 7 wk Series to follow: 

plumeria flower on ancient hand of buddha statue

Holding Ultimate Gratitude

The art of the hug!

an evening with Paige

June 10, 2016

Doors open friday at 6:30pm event starts at 7pm-8:30pm

Iddle Bits of This & That Art Gallery

(Outdoor garden area in back of store)

3969 W. 73rd Avenue

Westminster, CO

RSVP with Paige 720-290-7468

$15 per person at the door. Enjoy browsing the store before event!

Join me for an evening of ritual gathering with music and food while we learn THE ART OF THE HUG and how it can change your life and the world. H- Holding U-Ultimate G-Gratitude for the soul you are sharing the hug with. Acknowledging their soul is beautiful and needed in this world for healing and transformation.  We will let the energy guide us while we cherish the souls around us for a beautiful Colorado evening outdoors…

(Welcome to bring your own food, drink (no alcohol) blankets or chairs although some will be provided)


7 WEEK SERIES, Friday evenings in JUNE and JULY

Woman warrior. Amazon woman. Warrioress

Woman warrior. Amazon woman. Warrioress


Join us Fridays at 7pm

June 17, 24  &  July 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

 Doors open at 6:30pm, feel free to browse the store (same location as above event)

Igniting the soul warrior within to walk in your DIVINE destiny with strength, courage and ultimate connection to source.

You can’t feel it, BUT soon YOU WILL!

7-week Soul Warrior Chronicles will consist of:

Intuitive led sessions and teaching in a beautiful outdoor venue (Bring your own blankets and enjoy the grass with me or chairs will be provided).

Meditations and journaling with weekly assignments uniquely designed for your particular situations as I am shown your needs from Spirit.

Music, drumming and soul work. Dancing out our inner yuck so our warrior will shine.

Rituals and life skills to help empower your warrior and keep you moving into your soul’s destiny after the chronicles have ended.

Blessings and crowning of our warriors as they emerge.

Celebration of weekly successes from our fellow Soul Warriors in training.

Ceremonies to honor the Divine and ignite your Soul Warrior to jump into your soul path.

And whatever else Spirit surprises us with!


RSVP WITH PAIGE at Serene Escapes & Healing: call or text 720-290-7468

$15 per session at the door or pay up front and save 5% for total of $99

Learn more about Paige at: or



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This Little Light that’s ME!! Why your LIGHT is IMPORTANT!!

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This Little Light that’s ME!! Why your LIGHT is IMPORTANT!!

hand holding candle in the dark night indoor on bokeh textured grungy background

Today was hard!

Fighting sickness. Struggling to work and be mom. Struggling to be a present partner and friend. All while living the role of LIFE Soul Coach to others struggling just like me and trying not to look like a hypocrite of the message I teach because I had a hard day. YEP that sums it up…

In a moment of feeling overwhelmed with emotion for all the efforts I put out into the universe and other humans just like me, I confided in someone today and in response to my need to just be heard or understood they asked me: How do you teach this message to others while not feeling always positive and good yourself and not feel like a hypocrite? At first the word “hypocrite” really stung and felt harsh but after coming home and washing away the day with a warm lavender bath, the work, the struggle, the view that others may have, etc… suddenly didn’t matter.

What came to me was the image of a little candle giving light in the darkness even though it was so small and meek. AH HA!!! We are to be that candle. I AM THAT CANDLE!!

Situations or conditions around us may sometimes affect our flame but it does not change our composition of that as a candle/light.  No matter how bright our light is at the moment or how dull life stuff can make our flame we are still giving light to those in darkness and no one can extinguish our flame if we choose otherwise.

How much better is it to shine a little than not at all in a world full of people not shining at all? Does that make us a hypocrite to state we are a candle and shining even when we are dull? OR does the moment where we ask for help from others to make us thrive and give us oxygen to grow our flame weakness? Does any of that change that we are still a candle? NO!!!

I pray all of us seek daily to make our “little light” shine despite how big or small because I know there is someone in the darkness of life looking for even the smallest glimpse of us that will not care how bright you are, only that you gave them hope by seeing your example. Not an example of the light that outshines all and never faces issues or copes with “hard days” but the example of what light really is…

The energy that says I AM a LIGHT and despite all I may face I will be compassionate enough to share my light even if just a little! I will daily work on growing my light and with guidance from the Divine within me I will shine no matter how big or small.

This little LIGHT that’s ME. I’m gonna let it shine!


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HAPPY HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!! and some great numbers today. 4/22/16 Yay!

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escape_and_healingaiHAPPY HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!! and some great numbers today too 4/22/16  2016-04-22_16.35.41


After working with clients all day, I came home and immediately felt moved to go lay in the grass and write. I was then reminded of today being Earth day as I took in all the energy of the grass and EARTH below me. What a beautiful day in Colorado to celebrate a beautiful planet all the Divine powers created for us. Send up gratitude today for this amazing environment we live in and remember to bless her (Mother Earth) each day so we start to put back a little more energy than we are always taking away…

Celebrate!! HUG a Tree!!! LOL!!!


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DRiving our Souls!

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We are all learning to drive our souls; navigating the waters of uncertainty in the presence of the unknown while following a voice from within we don’t yet recognize but WE WILL. -Paige 4-17-16driving our souls pic with text

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