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Failures from Jealousy in Life and Business

Failures from Jealousy in Life and Business
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Jealousy in Life and Businessescape_and_healingai

Jealousy is defined as: the state or feeling of being jealous. Other words used for jealousy are envy and resentment

Jealousy can be fueled from: mistrust, insecurities and anxiety

What is jealousy? What causes jealousy? How can jealousy affect our daily lives and our ability to be successful? How has it affected you personally or professionally already?

Jealousy often stems from a feeling that we are lacking or less than something within us or around us. We see someone with more than us or someone who appears happier than us and we get an emotion of jealousy. A desire to have something we lack or be like someone else. Emotions are OK and normal but we must rise above them to be successful in life and business. Rising above the emotions requires an understanding of why we are feeling how we feel.

There is no room for jealousy in life or business. If we want to be the best version of ourselves and succeed in reaching our dreams we must only dwell on positive emotions. Emotions like love for ourselves and others, belief in ourselves or others and belief we are deserving and can succeed in having more or being more than what we are in the present time. There will be no room for jealousy if your attention switches from wishing you had or were, to being who you are and creating the life you want.

Here are some steps to help us focus on what we want instead of being jealous of what we do not have right now:

1: Breaking down old belief systems.

You are beautiful the way you are. We are not supposed to look the same and be the same. You can be successful but your success will not always look like someone else’s, it needs to be yours.

Just because you may be the first in your family to desire what you desire or do what it is you want to do doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Nothing was ever done until it was done. There will always need to be a first. Don’t let that stop you. Believing that you can be successful and are deserving of it helps you gain confidence in yourself and out of old beliefs. If you are too busy being jealous of others you will never take the time to discover your own beauty and what you should offer the world in life and business.

2: Formulate a clear image of what you want by understanding what it is you are jealous of.

We are jealous of what we feel we need or are not as good as. But unless it’s the life meant for you exactly the way God wanted you to live it and be you in it, then what can you really be jealous of? This leaves room for us to be jealous of everything and completely unaware of anything. You must know what is it exactly you are jealous of and apply that to a plan on how to get what it is you feel is lacking. What do you want to do or be and when would you like to do it? Find help or resources from others. Instead of being jealous of the people who “have” ask those people how they got there, get their help. Figure out if you might have to move or work for a while to make the funds first. What type of education or training is needed? Understand the meaning of success and what that looks like to you. Understand your success may not look like someone’s else and nor does it have to. Everything you need is within you if you can listen to the knowing inside of you. Once you have clear vision and have researched what it will take to achieve what you want to do or be then, you are ready for step 3.

3: Do the work. Create an action plan. Be open for help FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE as we are always learning.

You know what you want now start planning. Set goals to keep you focused. Timelines, resources, locations, etc… Be specific!

You will always need people around you in life to be successful. Co-workers, colleagues, family members, friends, etc. Jealousy pushes those people we need away rather intentionally or unintentionally.
It takes time and patience. It’s not often handed to us so knowing that leaves little room for jealousy since you will then understand each successful person before you did the above steps. They may have even started where you did or had someone before them that succeeded and helped them get there. There is no reason to be jealous if it is no longer something you feel you can’t have or be. Jealousy comes from feeling unfulfilled within, wanting something we don’t have or thinking you can’t have it or are not deserving of it. If we focus on ourselves, how we can be the best version of us then we will be too busy working on ourselves and our goals to be jealous of others. One day someone will be where you are and need your help so there’s no room for jealousy. We must want others to be successful so there is an example to follow so that we too may be successful when searching, working and trying to create the life we want.

Endless Road

Endless Road

You must always feel your way through life, if it doesn’t feel right then it’s probably not for you. Be okay being unique, not everyone needs to be the same or do the same. Find your own truths/beliefs that you can lean on when things get hard. Things you can remind yourself of to keeping going.


Jealousy is simply an emotion that we are in control of. It does not have to control us!

Without jealousy we can feel worthier, have more self-respect and create the lives we want.

Eliminating jealousy requires effort and understanding of exactly what we are jealous of. We can process this by:

-letting go of old beliefs of ourselves and our limitations

-defining what we want and having our own vision for the future

-doing the work/having a plan to achieve our goals leading to the future we want


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