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When GOD Hears
When GOD Hears
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When God Hears You

We pray and sometimes it’s a boat we get when we expected a plane but sometimes, just sometimes it’s the plane.

What do we do when we get our plane and we are brought humbly to our feet that God heard us and there’s no denying it or logically explaining it away.

God just heard us.

In these times we celebrate and remember that even if next time he sends us the boat, that there was this one time he sent us the plane. And for that we are grateful and fulfilled!!!

-Paige Land, Serene Escapes & Healing by Paige 2018

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Forgiveness! How and why?
Forgiveness! How and why?
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Forgiveness is defined as: the action or process of forgiving or being forgiven. Some may use words like mercy or pardon in place of forgiveness.


Forgiveness becomes: A PROCESS!
When we make a choice that hurts someone whether with words or actions then we usually have a sense that forgiveness is needed. Before we can offer it, we must 1st understand what truly needs to be forgiven. What are we really upset about? We can’t apologize or expect apologies from others if we are unsure of the need. If we do not know what we did or what we are upset about, the hurt we feel may never go away. We must pause to understand it, process it and proceed with the necessary actions that can lead to forgiveness of ourselves and the others involved.

This is done by:

3 P’s of Forgiveness

Pause: Don’t act while in the emotion of hurt. Walk away. Tell the person you are hurt and need time to think, etc.…

Process: After emotion subsides process the details of the situation that hurt you. Write it out or talk it out with someone you trust. Don’t finish until you can clearly pinpoint what specifically hurt you.

Proceed: Come up with an action plan. How do you need to proceed? Do you need to apologize or ask for an apology? What steps will you need to take for yourself or need from the other person to feel complete and at peace? If the other person is not willing to be involved then define the steps needed for yourself to forgive them and the situation so you can still move on. Then do it!

Why is forgiveness important?

1: Forgiveness allow us to grow and learn.

When we don’t forgive it stunts our growth and blocks our ability to receive new people or opportunities into our life. Unforgiveness causes us to be closed to opportunities and people in life based on what happened that we are not forgiving. Hurts accumulate if we do not work through them. Scar are created which blocks us from being open to what the world and God has for us. God is a love that is always present and always around us to help us, guide us and heal us but as humans we still live in the world and therefore must interact with others. None of us are perfect and so we will hurt each other rather intentionally or unintentionally. Therefore, forgiveness is a necessary skill to learn for survival and growth.

EX: If you don’t forgive the boyfriend or best friend that left you, that hurt stays and maybe it then closes you off to new love in your life when it is presented again

  1. Forgiveness of others or situations allows us to understand and forgive ourselves more too.

When you are faced with the hurt of forgiveness or need to forgive, it either will define you or force you to change and be better. We must learn to believe our actions do not have to define us but our actions must teach us. If you process what you should learn from the situation then you become aware of what part you had in the situation and can be clearer on how to handle yourself if the situation arises again. In doing this we can forgive ourselves along the way too. Understanding brings awareness of self which leads to knowing who you are more deeply. What your flaws are, what your strengths are and therefore what and who you need in life to support you so you are not finding yourself around the same people and situations that caused the hurt to begin with. There’s no reason to not forgive yourself if you learned from it because you will know yourself better and be less likely to make same mistake again.

Ex: If person “A” hurts us every time we try to play, we can learn: maybe this person is not good for me, maybe I can do other things with them but can’t play because that’s when I get hurt, maybe I am supposed to learn more patience from this person, etc.…
3: Forgiveness helps us be the best version of ourselves so we can help others.
When someone /something hurts us, we often forget the times in which we may have hurt others. It is vital to remember we are not alone in the hurt. We will all experience it and we will all contribute to it at some point. But when we have found forgiveness there also we will find compassion. This compassion will allow us to help others, be more patient with them and improve how we interact with them which improves our interactions with the world around us.  Instead of feeling only the emotion of your hurt, remember most likely many others involved are hurt too and switch your attention to how to make the situation better for everyone. Think about how you could have or did made it right and understand not everyone will see it the same way so they may need help. Some people will want your forgiveness and others won’t. Some people will ask forgiveness and many may not. But you must always forgive the situation even if not allowed to per person to get peace and move on. When you come out the other side of a hard hurt you will see all the ways to help the next person who may it. If you choose to do what you know is right each time then you will continue to grow into a better version of you and that is the only way you will ever be able to help others.



Remember a time you needed to forgive and a time you wanted to be forgiven.
What happened? How did it make you feel? What factors drove you to making the decisions you did? What part did you have in the situation? How has it affected decisions since?
What can/did you learn from it?

Forgiveness is a process!

3 P’s to Forgiving


Forgiveness is important because it helps us to:love and acceptance

-Grow and Learn

-Understand ourselves and others=more compassion and awareness in life

-Become the best version of ourselves=a good/better person


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Be a QUEEN while waiting for your KING!! (or vice versus, LoL!!!)
Be a QUEEN while waiting for your KING!! (or vice versus, LoL!!!)
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Be a Queen while waiting for your King!! (or vice versus, LoL!!!)

I work with clients that consistently ask me when will Mr. Right come into my life? Why do I always pick the same type of guy and/or why do they always find me? Will I ever have the future husband/King and family I want?

My questions are then: What are you doing differently? In each situation what was different?

Usually their answer is: Nothing. Hmmm…

We are creatures of habit. Often it takes us going through the same situations repeatedly until it is finally unbearable to be forced to change before we see the light or gather our own conclusions.

So, what is my answer to them?

You will attract what you project. IF you project loneliness, desperation, or lack of confidence then those energies will most likely be in the person who decides to engage with you. IF you appear vulnerable you may find yourself a victim to weaker more predatory energies.

And this is where the idea of being a Queen while waiting for your King is most important. Don’t downgrade yourself to servant status and then wonder why only jokers approach you!

NO matter what you think of yourself now, you are a Queen. We are all beautiful and worthy of love, we however must believe it and live in that power. Living in the power of those beliefs allows you to project the energies you want in return.

It’s easy to want to settle when you’ve dated Mr. Wrong too many times. It’s easy to get discouraged when you keep meeting the same type of person just different face.

So, what do we do when we get stuck in the same cycle and feel like we are never going to have the future we want or share life with the person in our dreams?

Better yet what causes us to get stuck in such a place?

WE are NOT being the QUEEN!!

Being the QUEEN means being wholesome in oneself. Understanding yourself on a deeper level, carrying confidence in your appearance and projecting the exact energy you want to receive from someone else and energy of the type of person you are willing to engage with, while having defined unspoken standards and visions of what your ideal King embodies so to eliminate anyone who doesn’t qualify.

Remember the times being out with friends and everyone was asked to dance but you or your friend got a number for later and you didn’t even get approached? Those times can leave you feeling unwanted, unnoticed and unattractive. But what if we are looking at it the wrong way? What if our energy and the way we carry our self directly reflects on who is brave enough to approach you? On who you would want to approach you?

In times like these just remind yourself you are a Queen and you were not asked to dance not because you are unwanted or unattractive, it’s because your King wasn’t there to notice you.

You can’t expect a King if you blend in with all the other people around you. Queens are the ones who know their worth, have experienced less and decided to never settle again. Kings are attracted to Queens. Only a King will be brave enough to approach a Queen.

Holding the World with The Law of Attraction

Holding the World with The Law of Attraction

If you act like a servant you will most likely attract the joker of the court.

So, empower yourself! Believe you deserve better than what you have allowed in your life! Don’t get discouraged while waiting because it takes just as much effort to become a King as it does a Queen so wait for him to appear. And no matter how long it takes stay the Queen while waiting on your King!!!


(aka Scorpion Kingdom Queen) This one is for you Justin and all the hard work we have put into being who we are!!!

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What’s YOUR Mission Statement?
What’s YOUR Mission Statement?
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Mission Statement for Life

People ask me to summarize what it is I do. I seem to always chuckle and pause at first because it has never been something I could explain simply without listing the specific actions I do. Today while enjoying my morning coffee and listening to my kids run around laughing and playing I felt such peace and purpose. I’ve created so much in the last few years while being a mommy and working etc.…I knew where my heart was with these projects back then but today felt a deeper connection. I’ve spent the last few years living Metaphysical Mommies and Serene Escapes & Healing out. I’ve been raising little humans, growing, learning and healing myself while all along helping others. And that is the answer to what people ask me, that is what I do. That is what these projects mean to me. But more importantly that is just who I am, what I am here to do as a person without or without the business. We all need a mission statement for our life. Just like a business uses this to stay focus we need the same as individuals to have vision, clarity and purpose.

On the eve of my 34=7 birthday and a 2 year I can’t wait to see where Spirit takes me and my business and writing from here. Either way it’s always an adventure and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

After all these years of writing on and creating Serene Escapes & Healing it finally hit me so clearly what it is I do, well Spirit does through me. Here it is ya’ll!


Serene Escapes & Healing by Paige

Mission Statement

I help people discover their soul path, discover why they are here and what they came here to do. Then I motivate, teach and inspire them to make necessary changes in the present to evolve so to achieve what they came here to do while feeling purposeful and connected to the Divine source of God energy.


*Call me, come see me, just reach out! Let me help you because in helping you I learn and grow too. *

For appointments visit:

Check out my blog:



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Tides are changing, Justice is coming, Ask for help!! Major Spread for 4-27-2017
Tides are changing, Justice is coming, Ask for help!! Major Spread for 4-27-2017
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Hold on for the tides are changing. We are constantly in phases just like the moon. There has been some imbalances whether internal or external that have caused strife and indecisiveness to take hold. Now is the time to recognize the situation for what it is and begin to roll with the tides instead of swimming against the current. The more you let go, the more balance or “justice” will come. With change comes the need for more balance and more clarity in order to act on action plans formulated from the decisions made. Often both of these will manifest more easily with the help of others. It’s great to trust yourself in knowing that you are okay “hanging out” on your own through whatever situation arises but never forget that sometimes asking for help can make the process of change easier. With connection to the Divine one will always be safe, in the right place at the right time regardless of how others may view this or how displeasing it may be when you recognize certain places or situations you are caught in. Trust in the balance or “justice” of the universe to carry you through the tides of change so that wherever you may be caught “hanging out” you will have vision and wisdom to ask for help. We are all one, never alone. We just have to see what is being offered around us!!!!


20170427_130939 20170427_131015

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Skeptics Indeed, Yes are We!!!
Skeptics Indeed, Yes are We!!!
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We are all skeptics to a degree! We all question, to a degree, what we can not see!Angel Spirit in Deep Space

We need that for validation for when Spirit comes through, the awareness of an intangible, unimaginable experience rises to the consciousness and  the experience becomes personal thus real.

I would venture to say we are all somewhat unbelievers too, until Spirit shows up in our lives in a way that is undeniable. Then the portals open and the intangible becomes tangible and you see the world in COLOR, never again in BLACK and WHITE.

This will happen to us all. This awakening. This awareness. Start looking for it, the beauty in the struggle, the message in the calm. There you will see these experiences one speaks of.




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Archangel Micheal Card Spread for Week of April 1st 2017
Archangel Micheal Card Spread for Week of April 1st 2017
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Happy Friday Everyone!!

This 3 card spread is for the weekend through the middle of next week.

These cards come with inspirational prayers you can use to help you connect with Spirit and get answers to questions that are stirring up around you. What better time than the weekend to lay back, relax , reflect on what happened and look forward to taking charge of the upcoming week instead of it controlling you!

This week is about making decisions that  benefit your highest good whether personally or professionally. Understanding that Spirit always knows what is for your highest good is different than actually being able to feel good about the decisions you make and finding the strength to make them while not compromising your integrity.

The first card reveals the need to take your time this week in decision making.  Pause, breathe then decide.

The 2nd card reminds you that self-respect comes from within not based on the decisions you make. Therefore sometimes decisions need to be made in order to maintain the level of respect for yourself needed so not to feel taken advantage of personally and professionally.

The 3rd card summarizes the spread by ensuring you that no decision can be wrong if after prayed/meditated on it feels right because your life’s purpose is to be fulfilled no matter what path you take or how many detours it takes for you to get there! LISTEN, DO, TRUST, WAIT!!!

Listen, DO, Tru20170330_200934 (2)st & Wait!!20170330_200850



20170330_20095120170330_200943 (1)

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Spring up in EVERY WAY!!
Spring up in EVERY WAY!!
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Spring is coming, Spring is here…

We see it around us and feel it within us. The need to clean out the old to make room for the new. Spring is in all of us.

Much like gardens need to be weed free, so too do we!

This time of year we often feel the urgency of the new year going by too fast and all the new year plans we made falling between the cracks of the mundane everyday routines. We  aware or not, may feel anxiety or restlessness and not quite understand why, but in the midst of everything still have a knowing that somethings no longer serve our higher good and need to be cleared out of our lives, our souls and our surroundings. It’s in this uneasiness that we MUST SPRING up in EVERY WAY!!

Let’s clean up, clear out and get prepared to plant seeds to harvest/manifest all the desires, wants and goals for the rest of this amazing 2017!!!

Remember in times like this to stay grounded and connected and the answers you need will always be found within. Listen, obey and enjoy!

As a kick off to preparing for new changes in my life and business I will soon be doing weekly video blogs on topics Spirit leads me to talk about and weekly card spreads for encouragement!! I look forward to all your comments and likes and shares!! Please help me spread the love by sharing with those whom you feel may need it!!

STay TuNed!!!



Paigemani, germoglio, natura, ramoscello

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King and Queens of Hearts!!!
King and Queens of Hearts!!!
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King and Queens of Hearts20161215_195643

As I sat beside my kids watching them splash and kick bath water all over the bathroom I was overcome with both joy and sadness. I looked at my little King and Queens and immediately felt the reality of these 3 small humans epitomizing my heart (multiplied by 3) being ruled/carried outside my body, out of my control and the vulnerability that came with those feelings.

20161215_195451I looked at them knowing without doubt I would leap in front of a car for them, take a bullet or counterattack anything that posed them harm while realizing at the same time I won’t always be there to do so. It’s easier to idealize this in your mind when they are young children or babies but what happens when their heart is broken for the first time or they get injured or sick as adults, don’t call to tell you about it and suffer alone? What happens when they no longer depend on you and seek freedom from you? What happens when reality of how little control you have is clear and unchangeable yet them being your heart is not? And that’s when I realized the King and Queens of my heart, the 3 little humans who ARE my heart walking around outside of my body have been my only relationship of unconditional love given and possibly not reciprocated.

In 33 yrs. I have never loved unconditionally until them. I thought about how sad this was. How many people I have encountered in my years of life for this to be true. And I contemplated when I stopped being open to it or if I ever was. I felt how selfish this must be. But I felt excited that this awakening was happening at such an early age because now I still have time to change it.20160801_180850

Don’t we all have these moments? Moments when parts of the dark side of our soul is revealed? And what do we do once its revealed?

That is when it became clear, the message of what unconditional love is, love that is freely given without guarantees of it being returned.

Happiness came with this as I became overwhelmingly grateful for this connection, this blessing and bond I have towards the King and Queens of my heart. However, sadness came when Spirit showed me this unconditional love is not meant to only be shared in bonds of these sort like that of a mother and child but to be shared will all of humanity. That the lesson in this school room of life is to learn just that. To learn how to love and share it unconditionally will all humans and at all costs especially when you may get nothing in return. This example is given throughout many religions and history lessons. An example of one person giving their life or sacrificing greatly to save others out of unconditional love for a greater good. Yet we read these events as just that, stories. As if it is unattainable for us to do the same. Yet these people were all human like you and me. They just made a choice!

How great would the world be if we each chose just 1 person to love unconditionally outside of normal boundaries that make it easy to do so. What if we all started with just 1 and that 1 gave it to another? I fathomed how it would feel, how the vulnerability of even the thought of how it would feel, felt. I struggled to think of who I would choose, was there anyone in my life currently I could share this with?

For the world to need so much love it seems counterintuitive that we would be giving out much more hate and hurt instead? But it’s hard to love in a world that hurts us. It’s much easier to shut down and not live from a place of openheartedness. And although I understand why we do it, it doesn’t excuse the fact we shouldn’t?  I mean doesn’t someone have to give in to break the cycle.20160925_123516-2

Who are the King or Queens of your heart? If you don’t have any I encourage you to start looking today? Let’s break the cycle so love can flow!!!!20160801_180840 (1)


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Crate Trained, Caged Animal Mentality
Crate Trained, Caged Animal Mentality
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Crated Trained, Caged Animal MentalityIndian woman hunter

What do you do when your boundaries are constantly being tested or invaded and when there seems like no value is placed on your efforts, your time, or you.

When do you decide your return on investment is yielding results only to others, not you.  When do you determine, you have invested enough or better yet loss enough?

When is enough, enough and you wake up to see you have been crated trained by those around you?

You know, the actions that lead to others only letting you out of the crate when they want to love you or show you affection or spend time with you or share life with you. Those people who want to see you on their terms and timelines.

Actions from individuals who let you out only when its convenient for them, when they have nothing else to do or have done all else that is important to them so now they would like to play with you or pet you a little while. Throw you some treats or better yet crumbs so you look forward to the next play time only to wonder when it will come again.

What keeps us in the cage like a caged animal? What prevents us from breaking our way out and gnawing through whatever barrier needed to escape?

An animal agrees to stay caged only when willing to please its master, so who is your master?


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