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Be a QUEEN while waiting for your KING!! (or vice versus, LoL!!!)

Be a QUEEN while waiting for your KING!! (or vice versus, LoL!!!)
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Be a Queen while waiting for your King!! (or vice versus, LoL!!!)

I work with clients that consistently ask me when will Mr. Right come into my life? Why do I always pick the same type of guy and/or why do they always find me? Will I ever have the future husband/King and family I want?

My questions are then: What are you doing differently? In each situation what was different?

Usually their answer is: Nothing. Hmmm…

We are creatures of habit. Often it takes us going through the same situations repeatedly until it is finally unbearable to be forced to change before we see the light or gather our own conclusions.

So, what is my answer to them?

You will attract what you project. IF you project loneliness, desperation, or lack of confidence then those energies will most likely be in the person who decides to engage with you. IF you appear vulnerable you may find yourself a victim to weaker more predatory energies.

And this is where the idea of being a Queen while waiting for your King is most important. Don’t downgrade yourself to servant status and then wonder why only jokers approach you!

NO matter what you think of yourself now, you are a Queen. We are all beautiful and worthy of love, we however must believe it and live in that power. Living in the power of those beliefs allows you to project the energies you want in return.

It’s easy to want to settle when you’ve dated Mr. Wrong too many times. It’s easy to get discouraged when you keep meeting the same type of person just different face.

So, what do we do when we get stuck in the same cycle and feel like we are never going to have the future we want or share life with the person in our dreams?

Better yet what causes us to get stuck in such a place?

WE are NOT being the QUEEN!!

Being the QUEEN means being wholesome in oneself. Understanding yourself on a deeper level, carrying confidence in your appearance and projecting the exact energy you want to receive from someone else and energy of the type of person you are willing to engage with, while having defined unspoken standards and visions of what your ideal King embodies so to eliminate anyone who doesn’t qualify.

Remember the times being out with friends and everyone was asked to dance but you or your friend got a number for later and you didn’t even get approached? Those times can leave you feeling unwanted, unnoticed and unattractive. But what if we are looking at it the wrong way? What if our energy and the way we carry our self directly reflects on who is brave enough to approach you? On who you would want to approach you?

In times like these just remind yourself you are a Queen and you were not asked to dance not because you are unwanted or unattractive, it’s because your King wasn’t there to notice you.

You can’t expect a King if you blend in with all the other people around you. Queens are the ones who know their worth, have experienced less and decided to never settle again. Kings are attracted to Queens. Only a King will be brave enough to approach a Queen.

Holding the World with The Law of Attraction

Holding the World with The Law of Attraction

If you act like a servant you will most likely attract the joker of the court.

So, empower yourself! Believe you deserve better than what you have allowed in your life! Don’t get discouraged while waiting because it takes just as much effort to become a King as it does a Queen so wait for him to appear. And no matter how long it takes stay the Queen while waiting on your King!!!


(aka Scorpion Kingdom Queen) This one is for you Justin and all the hard work we have put into being who we are!!!

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