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The Namaste Blessing

I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honor the place in you which is of love, of light, of peace and of truth. When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, We are one.


THIS BLOG IS ABOUT ONE THING AT THE CORE: EMPOWER YOURSELF SO TO INSPIRE OTHERS TO DO THE SAME. How does one do this? It is different for everyone. Yet it is for everyone! THE HOW IS UP TO YOU TO ANSWER. This blog may help spark the light waiting to catch on fire inside of you!
Although has a focus on empowering women to be the beautiful divine mommies they were created to be, we all know it is not to be done alone whether by forces seen or unseen. So if you are a mommy, an expecting mommy, considering being a mommy or support a mommy, this blog is for you!
Here I will discuss ideas from a real and honest perspective that will inspire you and those around you to make changes of empowerment so to live a more joyful existence. When we are in our soul flow everything else flows, especially motherhood! Let’s embrace the precious gift that our little humans are, by honoring them from a place of honoring ourselves first in order to give them and others our true selves.

As I am intuitively led, I will post about metaphysical ideas to aid in raising pure soulful children. I will talk about everyday struggles whether you are a working or stay at home mommy and ways to cope with situations we often feel shameful about as we try to be super heroes. I will post topics on how to assist in our children’s evolvement of their Divine selves. I will discuss the importance of recognizing that our children are souls on their own journey the moment they decide to enter this life and will give tips on understanding their path so to better guide them in staying on it. I will share ideas on creating an environment for our children to feel safe to explore spirituality no matter what religious background you are choosing to raise them in. I will post tips on arranging an atmosphere of peace and joy in your home so that your children can be calmer and more centered. I will share topics on teaching our children awareness of our connection to energy and the oneness we are. Equally important, I will talk a lot about simple ways of taking care of ourselves as mommies and the need to stay connected to our Divine inner strength even in the midst of being elbows deep in diapers and dishes.

There will be monthly appreciations and challenges to encourage readers to engage with others and myself. There will be some months with surprise gift giving as celebration of us growing and learning together. This will be a unique blog of fun, enlightenment and soul sharing.

There is so much to cover and so much information that is channeled from Spirit that I can’t possibly list everything this blog will entail but I can promise that you will be inspired and empowered by the information that comes through. Despite this blog coming from a metaphysical more spiritualist approach you will be able to attain a small jewel of information from each post regardless of your spiritual belief or background if you choose to remain open-minded and step out of your comfort zone of traditional concepts. There is so much we can share with our children but there is even more that we can learn from them when they are allowed to stand in their own Divine soul as we stand in ours.

Fit woman stretching on beach at sunrise

Fit woman stretching on beach at sunrise is a platform for all women, especially mommies to finally come together to share ideas and connect with each other so that we can collectively build a foundation of a better world by raising more soulful, spirit filled children. I hope whatever information you receive, you will intuitively incorporate it into your life where needed. That you will manifest something amazing as a result of the change. And more importantly, feel energized to share it with all the amazing women and mommies in your life.

I can’t wait to view all of your wonderful comments but I am even more excited to receive questions and ideas that will inspire future posts and can spark my creativity to continually evolve in love and light.


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