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About the author – Paige

I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and say how happy I am that you have taken the time to visit my site.


I live in Colorado with my amazing family. I love writing and engaging with others, especially over philosophical, metaphysical and spiritual concepts. I enjoy hearing how different our backgrounds are but upon communing together discovering how in reality, we are much more alike than we realize. After leaving a career of 11 yrs., I finally decided I could no longer ignore the urging from Spirit to listen and embrace my true calling and gifts. I have had intuitive/empathetic gifts since childhood, but growing up in a very religious family did not create an environment of understanding or development of these abilities. Without guidance as a child, I struggled identifying my emotions or who I was. I did not understand my gifts and was often afraid of what I saw, heard or experienced from Spirit. I spent most of my life trying to run from the Divine calling on my life out of fear of feeling weird or different, but soon realized it was much easier to just let go and let Spirit take over. After doing so, I became more open to channeling information and receiving guidance on what I am here to achieve in this lifetime. Now, I surround myself with like-minded people and educate myself in the world of metaphysics to better understand what it means to be a vessel for the Divine to help others on their path. I have developed my skills under some amazing mentors and continue daily to improve and enhance my connection to Spirit. The journey has been scary, fun and overwhelming at times but the best part is, that it is never-ending and the vastness of knowledge to be attained is like a black hole of awesomeness. I would not trade a moment of my journey so far. From life experiences, some more scaring than others, I can say there is so much we are here to do, to learn and to share. Finding out what that mission is, can be the best part. Everything I post will be divinely channeled information or will come from experience and life lessons I have already had to defeat. Because of this, to me, carries a very spiritual energy and will greatly impact your life if you allow yourself to receive whatever information is helpful and let go of the rest without judgment. I am a mom of 3 very delightful, energetic, crazy, light bearing kids. It is not coincidence that my children already show some of the same abilities I have had since childhood. I know part of my soul path is to allow them access not only to God energy but metaphysical realms of knowledge in order for them to grow into the perfect image of their Divine selves. I feel in a time of our world taking on major shifts in thinking on both spiritual and physical planes, we are not the only light bearers out there that need guidance and connection to other souls like ourselves. I am surrounded by amazing metaphysical people in my personal life, but there are even more of us yet to be discovered. So what better way to engage with them than from a blog? I am blessed to be able to connect with individuals of many different backgrounds and in doing so feel the need to share the benefits of these connections with the world.

Before receiving the exact concept this blog would entail, Spirit made it very clear that I was to take a role in empowering women and protecting/participating with the development of children. I realized through much meditation and listening, that my life journey so far has led me to place of finally being able to have substance in what I say regarding matters that would enable me to take on that role. That is why I am so deeply attached to the idea of my blog allowing other mommies/people to gain access to metaphysical knowledge of themselves and for their kids. By doing this we can become more united and strong as a community, not afraid to step outside of the norm and let our true selves shine, as well as raise an army of kids who can do the same.

As part of my soul evolvement I promise to pour my energy into this blog with the notion that each life it affects will spread the love and light to others. Spirit has always inspired me through writing and as a vessel of the Divine it is time to start sharing that inspiration. This blog will start that journey for me and those it touches, but there is so much more in the making as we speak. If you stick with me for this ride, I do not think you will regret it!


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