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8 Tips for Staying CONNECTED from HOME!

8 Tips for Staying CONNECTED from HOME!
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WE all KNOW or have been told to meditate, meditate, meditate… But there are other excellence ways to stay connected to source thus staying in-tuned to ourselves besides meditation. When we allow ourselves to tap into our own power by quieting our minds and bodies we can receive information at any time, any day to keep us encourage and focused on our path/purpose despite what is happening around us that we can’t change. Here are some tips to elevate and/or ground us that are easy to do from home!


-Light some sage or palo santo and candles beside your favorite cluster of crystals. Put them along the tub so you can enjoy the natural light and scents. Add to the water essential oils such as lavender to calm your mind and crystals like amethyst or clear quartz to clear stagnate energy and elevate your intuition. Close your eyes and feel the water as is moves over you. Getting in-tuned with the flow of water teaches you to flow instead of fighting the current of our life. BE LIKE WATER…Don’t be surprised if some of your best ideas come to you after a nice relaxing bath!


-Whether it’s the self help book you’ve been meaning to make time for or the fantasy book of your dreams; reading helps reset your mind when under stress. It might seem like more effort at first to find a spot, be alone and feel ready to read but in the act alone of making time for this; you are making time for yourself. Get the encouragement from the self help book or escape reality to fantasy land. Either way you will be doing something good for your soul. Reading also helps you fall asleep which is my next favorite connection source; BED.


-Yes that’s right, bed! Take a nap. Fall asleep to relaxing spa music, meditation music, shamanic drumming or native flute. These are all great options for immediately relaxing your mind and falling asleep. Sleep resets our brain as well. It gives us time to reevaluate our opinion of the day. “Waking up on the wrong side of the bed” has its parallels. Think about how much better you feel after a nap or good nights sleep. When overwhelmed or wanting to shutdown instead of face your situation, stop, nap and reset. You may be surprised of the visions and dreams you receive from Spirit during this time too.


Soul food or healthy dishes, your pick. Try intuitive cooking. Don’t follow a recipe, throw in ingredients you are drawn to and much like brewing a magic potion you may be surprised what cool new dishes you come up with. Then sit, rest and enjoy while thanking Spirit you have the access to food and for food being fuel for our physical bodies.


-Get it all out. All the frustrations, all the worries. Pick a online video you wouldn’t usually try. Yoga, cardio, boxing whatever makes you feel good but mix it up. Try something new each time. See how each routine makes you feel afterwards and which ones really help so you can keep those in mind but be open to new ideas too. Exercise clears your mind and gives you a boost of happy hormones. We all need more happy hormones no matter what fitness level you find yourself in. Exercise energizes us spiritually and physically by getting blood pumping to our physical, while moving energy through our spiritual chakra centers. Fuel your soul and connect to source through some refreshing lemon water as an extra boost afterwards. All this connects us to source since after all we are just souls in a physical body!


-NOW you’re pumped up from your exercise high right? Take all the motivation you gained there and put it on paper. Tablets and electronics are good but there is more connection when you tune into your creative chakra centers with hands on activities like creating a vision board. Draw or cut out pictures, have FUN, be CREATIVE all while recycling items laying around and helping mother EARTH in the process. What do you want to achieve that you aren’t now? What do you want to do differently? What VISION do you have for the next year, 3 years, 5 years? Build on it each week, update it as you achieve goals or ideas change. Hang it where you can see and honor your VISION! What are you waiting for…


-Set an intention for yourself then light a candle to honor it, turn off lights like you are turning off your mind, find a window to look outside and tap into the world around you while sipping your favorite tea. Mix flavors. Try different herbs. Add honey for connection to earth or lemon for a boost of immunity and positive emotional response from smelling lemon scent. Don’t rush, just sip and with each sip think of one thing you are grateful for. You’ll be surprised how many things there really are!!!!


-TALK to someone, whether a friend or family member or mentor. Each day make sure you have at least one phone conversation with another human. NOT TEXT, TALK!!!! Reach out for support. Set up phone sessions with intuitive guides/mentors you can trust. Get validation from Spirit via the help of others who are experienced if you are struggling. Don’t be alone when talking is just a phone call away. Verbalizing what you need or how you feel opens up our power chakra centers like the throat to speak your truth thus live in it. Don’t shutdown. Say what you mean and mean what you say, then watch the energy of change start to shift around you.

Psychic Paige 2020

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