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Month: March 2020

Find Connection even IF it LOOKS Different…
Find Connection even IF it LOOKS Different…
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FREE 30mins sessions by appt only!
Donations appreciated
During this time remember some people are handling changes with ease and others are struggling even if silent.
Nevertheless its a time where we need human connection/advice and love the most but can’t necessarily get it in the form we need it.
The yoga class or coffee with a friend or session with a spiritual mentor that help people navigate and rejuvenate even in normal circumstances aren’t available or look much different.
So we are panicking from the change, panicking from the unknown and can’t get the clarity some of us need from connection to self/source or by connection with others.
Disasters in the making!
IF you need clarity or more encouragement/direction:
I will be offering FREE 30min sessions (donations appreciated if you can/want) over this time of change we have ALL been forced into.
* By appointment only so reach out to schedule!
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Meditation for New Beginnings!Where do you want to go?What do you want to be?
Meditation for New Beginnings!Where do you want to go?What do you want to be?
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Meditation for New Beginnings!!!

Holding the World with The Law of Attraction

May this find you blessed and be used as a visualization for all your new beginnings as well:

I open a golden door and immediately feel pushed inside as a swift breeze rushes past my body slamming the door behind me. As I look ahead I see a vast ocean with calming ripples of waves moving towards me and slowly receding away from me. The ocean appears endless leading only to the magnificent sun ahead as if the sun is the end of the path this ocean could lead me to. I outreach my hands and see white light exiting my hands entering the water in front of me and as I begin to move my hands I realize I too am moving the water. We are connected, and I can control the water. I then separate the water into 4 pillars and as I do these words appear amid each of them: psychic, medium, healer and inspirational speaker. Spirit assures me these are the 4 pillars of my future, my calling, my path into the sun. I instantly feel warmth in my body from my head to my feet and repeat the mantra: Cleanse me Oh Spirit from my head to my feet so I may be a vessel to those whom I speak!! This mantra has been mine for years but in this moment, it feels one with my light inside. It serves as reminder today that I am the vessel for all 4 pillars in front of me. I begin to move the pillars with my hands, switching their positions, layering them on top of each other, moving some in front and some behind each other. This serves as representation that I am all these things but not always at the same time.  I will be what I need to be, for whom I need to be it, in the moment of which I need to be it. Nothing else but will just BE.

As I once again glance into the sun in front of me I hear the words, Rest, Wait, Reward. I close my eyes and soak up the calming energy around me and decide to do just that, WAIT. The pillars of water fall back into place, the sun shines warmth on my face and I wait!

The door behind me is closed but the path before me is endless.

Written by Paige 3-13-18

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8 Tips for Staying CONNECTED from HOME!
8 Tips for Staying CONNECTED from HOME!
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WE all KNOW or have been told to meditate, meditate, meditate… But there are other excellence ways to stay connected to source thus staying in-tuned to ourselves besides meditation. When we allow ourselves to tap into our own power by quieting our minds and bodies we can receive information at any time, any day to keep us encourage and focused on our path/purpose despite what is happening around us that we can’t change. Here are some tips to elevate and/or ground us that are easy to do from home!


-Light some sage or palo santo and candles beside your favorite cluster of crystals. Put them along the tub so you can enjoy the natural light and scents. Add to the water essential oils such as lavender to calm your mind and crystals like amethyst or clear quartz to clear stagnate energy and elevate your intuition. Close your eyes and feel the water as is moves over you. Getting in-tuned with the flow of water teaches you to flow instead of fighting the current of our life. BE LIKE WATER…Don’t be surprised if some of your best ideas come to you after a nice relaxing bath!


-Whether it’s the self help book you’ve been meaning to make time for or the fantasy book of your dreams; reading helps reset your mind when under stress. It might seem like more effort at first to find a spot, be alone and feel ready to read but in the act alone of making time for this; you are making time for yourself. Get the encouragement from the self help book or escape reality to fantasy land. Either way you will be doing something good for your soul. Reading also helps you fall asleep which is my next favorite connection source; BED.


-Yes that’s right, bed! Take a nap. Fall asleep to relaxing spa music, meditation music, shamanic drumming or native flute. These are all great options for immediately relaxing your mind and falling asleep. Sleep resets our brain as well. It gives us time to reevaluate our opinion of the day. “Waking up on the wrong side of the bed” has its parallels. Think about how much better you feel after a nap or good nights sleep. When overwhelmed or wanting to shutdown instead of face your situation, stop, nap and reset. You may be surprised of the visions and dreams you receive from Spirit during this time too.


Soul food or healthy dishes, your pick. Try intuitive cooking. Don’t follow a recipe, throw in ingredients you are drawn to and much like brewing a magic potion you may be surprised what cool new dishes you come up with. Then sit, rest and enjoy while thanking Spirit you have the access to food and for food being fuel for our physical bodies.


-Get it all out. All the frustrations, all the worries. Pick a online video you wouldn’t usually try. Yoga, cardio, boxing whatever makes you feel good but mix it up. Try something new each time. See how each routine makes you feel afterwards and which ones really help so you can keep those in mind but be open to new ideas too. Exercise clears your mind and gives you a boost of happy hormones. We all need more happy hormones no matter what fitness level you find yourself in. Exercise energizes us spiritually and physically by getting blood pumping to our physical, while moving energy through our spiritual chakra centers. Fuel your soul and connect to source through some refreshing lemon water as an extra boost afterwards. All this connects us to source since after all we are just souls in a physical body!


-NOW you’re pumped up from your exercise high right? Take all the motivation you gained there and put it on paper. Tablets and electronics are good but there is more connection when you tune into your creative chakra centers with hands on activities like creating a vision board. Draw or cut out pictures, have FUN, be CREATIVE all while recycling items laying around and helping mother EARTH in the process. What do you want to achieve that you aren’t now? What do you want to do differently? What VISION do you have for the next year, 3 years, 5 years? Build on it each week, update it as you achieve goals or ideas change. Hang it where you can see and honor your VISION! What are you waiting for…


-Set an intention for yourself then light a candle to honor it, turn off lights like you are turning off your mind, find a window to look outside and tap into the world around you while sipping your favorite tea. Mix flavors. Try different herbs. Add honey for connection to earth or lemon for a boost of immunity and positive emotional response from smelling lemon scent. Don’t rush, just sip and with each sip think of one thing you are grateful for. You’ll be surprised how many things there really are!!!!


-TALK to someone, whether a friend or family member or mentor. Each day make sure you have at least one phone conversation with another human. NOT TEXT, TALK!!!! Reach out for support. Set up phone sessions with intuitive guides/mentors you can trust. Get validation from Spirit via the help of others who are experienced if you are struggling. Don’t be alone when talking is just a phone call away. Verbalizing what you need or how you feel opens up our power chakra centers like the throat to speak your truth thus live in it. Don’t shutdown. Say what you mean and mean what you say, then watch the energy of change start to shift around you.

Psychic Paige 2020

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Failures from Jealousy in Life and Business
Failures from Jealousy in Life and Business
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Jealousy in Life and Businessescape_and_healingai

Jealousy is defined as: the state or feeling of being jealous. Other words used for jealousy are envy and resentment

Jealousy can be fueled from: mistrust, insecurities and anxiety

What is jealousy? What causes jealousy? How can jealousy affect our daily lives and our ability to be successful? How has it affected you personally or professionally already?

Jealousy often stems from a feeling that we are lacking or less than something within us or around us. We see someone with more than us or someone who appears happier than us and we get an emotion of jealousy. A desire to have something we lack or be like someone else. Emotions are OK and normal but we must rise above them to be successful in life and business. Rising above the emotions requires an understanding of why we are feeling how we feel.

There is no room for jealousy in life or business. If we want to be the best version of ourselves and succeed in reaching our dreams we must only dwell on positive emotions. Emotions like love for ourselves and others, belief in ourselves or others and belief we are deserving and can succeed in having more or being more than what we are in the present time. There will be no room for jealousy if your attention switches from wishing you had or were, to being who you are and creating the life you want.

Here are some steps to help us focus on what we want instead of being jealous of what we do not have right now:

1: Breaking down old belief systems.

You are beautiful the way you are. We are not supposed to look the same and be the same. You can be successful but your success will not always look like someone else’s, it needs to be yours.

Just because you may be the first in your family to desire what you desire or do what it is you want to do doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Nothing was ever done until it was done. There will always need to be a first. Don’t let that stop you. Believing that you can be successful and are deserving of it helps you gain confidence in yourself and out of old beliefs. If you are too busy being jealous of others you will never take the time to discover your own beauty and what you should offer the world in life and business.

2: Formulate a clear image of what you want by understanding what it is you are jealous of.

We are jealous of what we feel we need or are not as good as. But unless it’s the life meant for you exactly the way God wanted you to live it and be you in it, then what can you really be jealous of? This leaves room for us to be jealous of everything and completely unaware of anything. You must know what is it exactly you are jealous of and apply that to a plan on how to get what it is you feel is lacking. What do you want to do or be and when would you like to do it? Find help or resources from others. Instead of being jealous of the people who “have” ask those people how they got there, get their help. Figure out if you might have to move or work for a while to make the funds first. What type of education or training is needed? Understand the meaning of success and what that looks like to you. Understand your success may not look like someone’s else and nor does it have to. Everything you need is within you if you can listen to the knowing inside of you. Once you have clear vision and have researched what it will take to achieve what you want to do or be then, you are ready for step 3.

3: Do the work. Create an action plan. Be open for help FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE as we are always learning.

You know what you want now start planning. Set goals to keep you focused. Timelines, resources, locations, etc… Be specific!

You will always need people around you in life to be successful. Co-workers, colleagues, family members, friends, etc. Jealousy pushes those people we need away rather intentionally or unintentionally.
It takes time and patience. It’s not often handed to us so knowing that leaves little room for jealousy since you will then understand each successful person before you did the above steps. They may have even started where you did or had someone before them that succeeded and helped them get there. There is no reason to be jealous if it is no longer something you feel you can’t have or be. Jealousy comes from feeling unfulfilled within, wanting something we don’t have or thinking you can’t have it or are not deserving of it. If we focus on ourselves, how we can be the best version of us then we will be too busy working on ourselves and our goals to be jealous of others. One day someone will be where you are and need your help so there’s no room for jealousy. We must want others to be successful so there is an example to follow so that we too may be successful when searching, working and trying to create the life we want.

Endless Road

Endless Road

You must always feel your way through life, if it doesn’t feel right then it’s probably not for you. Be okay being unique, not everyone needs to be the same or do the same. Find your own truths/beliefs that you can lean on when things get hard. Things you can remind yourself of to keeping going.


Jealousy is simply an emotion that we are in control of. It does not have to control us!

Without jealousy we can feel worthier, have more self-respect and create the lives we want.

Eliminating jealousy requires effort and understanding of exactly what we are jealous of. We can process this by:

-letting go of old beliefs of ourselves and our limitations

-defining what we want and having our own vision for the future

-doing the work/having a plan to achieve our goals leading to the future we want


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Trust Intuition while Preparing
Trust Intuition while Preparing
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Remember in times like this you are not alone and the universe has bigger plans. We just have to TRUST but ALSO PREPARE. If media scares you then let your intuition guide you! Either way we need to make decisions in times like this for ourselves and community. To all my clients and people dear to me I’m always just a phone call or video chat away. If you need guidance or reassurance take advantage of that. Sometimes all we need is validation in our choices to remain calm and ride out whatever storm it feels like!  @SEandHbyPaige #SEandH_Paige

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Just thoughts…
Just thoughts…
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Thoughts today when so many are divided on so many issues:

Consider not putting judgments on others for ones choices of self, family & life. In the chance your judgement would make one question their own instincts and sway decisions that resulted in negative consequences, your judgment would hold no weight but ones life could be forever irreversibly changed. 💜🙏

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These TIMES they say…
These TIMES they say…
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I’ve debated weighing in on this topic but I’m getting more questions daily from clients over anxiety of what’s happening with the coronavirus.

Here’s my full opinion period! If you don’t like it don’t comment. Or we can be adults and have peaceful exchanges. Drumroll…🥁🥁🥁🥁

-Yes I feel Spirit ultimately has everything under control and bigger reasons for all of this. 🙏
-Yes I think anxiety and fear serve no purpose bc it hinders clear vision in decision making.
-Yes I agree we are all going to die or get sick from something eventually. (Afterall my business is talking to those people who have died 💜)

BUT and this is a BIG BUT

I’m still not going to lick someone with coronavirus if I could even know who they were right now (humor needed🤣) or step out in front of a bus to speed up risks of sickness/death. 🚌🚌

🤔I’ve never heard people say they enjoy being sick or look forward to dying no matter the cause. Right? 👍

Poor choices, bad decisions, lack of respect for others have ripple effects much like a virus. Literally & physically in cases like this.

Consider where your ripple will go…Risk only what you’re willing to lose. That’s life advice period but definitely applies here.

There will always be:
-People who choose to live a “no worries” life because we gotta die eventually.
-People who want to always plan and be prepared and are more cautious.
-People who never feel enough passion about anything that they stay neutral.
-People who are too afraid to speak up and falsely appear neutral
-People who can find balance in ALL OF the ABOVE. ☯️

“Bad” stuff happens. Period. Yes.
But in bad times we need to support, unite, help or at the VERY least honor each others decisions; not find more reasons to DIVIDE!

WE alienate people who may need us when they are afraid to say they are scared about an issue others around them are laughing at. And in alienation they can’t get educated or helped or relieved of their anxiety. So the cycle of division begins and no changes are made.

*In my years of experience talking to people who have crossed the common themes are:

1. There’s nothing anyone could’ve done more or less of, it was MY choice or MY time.
2. I regret decisions and would’ve made better choices if given the chance again.
3. I’m at peace, lived a full life and wouldn’t have changed a thing.

So yes in the end we will be OK no matter what but I’m still gonna live a fighter life mentality to try my best to see my kids grow up with a mother based on choices I can live with when so much else is out of our control. 

No matter what “type” of person listed above you consider yourself chances are the person beside you is not the same.

So support the friend stocking up on supplies or not letting her kids play with yours right now! Because there will always be 2 sides of the coin that no one will know the outcome of until it’s there. 🔮🔮🔮
1. I was too safe & it saved me or nothing happened so no loss anyway.
2. I was careless & dodged another bullet bc nothing happened or now I’m banging on that friends door for supplies! Let’s hope she let’s you in…💯

In the meantime consider instead of debating, focus on sending out healing prayers to our country and world. Bottom line we need that coronavirus or not!!🌍🙏🇺🇸

Paige Land

@SEandHbyPaige #SEandH_Paige

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Prayer is…
Prayer is…
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Prayer is my acknowledgement of the power and greatness within me, that is me, that is the Divine. Its the act of gratitude for such power and connection to source. I no longer need to pray to something outside of me, but seek out and listen to the voice inside of me for the answers from the Divine. For I AM that I AM!!!

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When we can’t see, we just hang on and ride the LIGHT!!!
When we can’t see, we just hang on and ride the LIGHT!!!
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When we can’t see, we just hang on and ride the LIGHT!!!

Because you are gifted in one area of your life it will put you in a place of life beyond your responsibility.

-TD Jakes


I dreamt I was riding on the back of a stream of white light, like the light that follows the super hero Flash as he streaks everywhere he runs. The light I was riding on was going around the bend of mountain curves like the raging Colorado river. Spirit spoke: You can’t see what is around each bend but you trust enough to keep going because you are riding on the protection of Spirit (White Light). The changes will happen so fast that you won’t be able to process all of it first but instead just hold on and ride the light.

Written by Paige: July 2018

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With the Fierceness of a Lion, going into the Eclipse: I Eclipse OUT… I Bring IN!!
With the Fierceness of a Lion, going into the Eclipse: I Eclipse OUT… I Bring IN!!
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With the Fierceness of a Lion, going into the Eclipse: I Eclipse OUT… I bring IN…

What are we Eclipsing out? What are we bringing in?

Lonely Lion in the Serengeti National Park (Tanzania)

Read about the Eclipse Energy happening this Saturday the 11th. It is no surprise changes are happening and need to happen now. Starting today through Saturday’s eclipse is the energy of an eclipse that is strongest this year. It is time, starting today, to tell Spirit what you want, create your vision for your personal life, business life and self-improvement goals.

Eclipse out what no longer serves you and bring in what your heart really desires for your future. Whatever plans you make and whatever you release that is not for your highest good helps propel you into your manifestations for the next 6months. It’s a time to let go of all things, people, ideas that no longer serve you so that you go fresh into your next stage of life. Rapid changes are happening in the next 6months for better or worse depending on what you pray for, focus your energy on and trust in.

Start today planning how you want the rest of your life to look and on 11:11am Saturday which is the 11th, (all 11’s the number of manifestation) take time to pray on this exact plan with the intention of being open to what is for your highest good and watch great things come.

Here is what I am eclipsing out and bringing in. What’s your plan?

I eclipse out of my life the worry of finances. The worry and thinking and wondering if we will have enough each month and if the flow of income will remain constant. I eclipse out of my life the idea that I am not moving into my destiny fast enough or that I am not doing what I am supposed to be doing each moment or that I could be doing it better. I eclipse out the idea I must be working constantly, or I am not moving forward into my destiny. I eclipse out any energy that no longer serves me and beliefs that no longer are truth to me. I eclipse out people who don’t support me or serve my highest good who have ill intentions whether seen or unseen. I eclipse out all roadblocks seen or unseen hindering my pace to my destiny.

I bring in the knowing that “Finances flow, the more I trust, the more they grow.”

I bring in the knowing that we are meant to do great things and finances will and must be there to get us where we are supposed to be. To get us to fulfilling our purpose, where we can help others and the greater good.

I release the energy of unworthiness and doubt. I trust… I trust my partner in life. I trust Spirit. I trust my guides and the contract I made before I came back to this Earth. I trust Divine timing is always on my side. I trust my kids will do the right thing and are absorbing what I am trying to instill in them. I trust Spirit is rounding up my tribe and they will be entering my life in Divine Timing. I trust those who stay in my circle now are meant to go forward by my side for the future.

I trust, and I breathe, and I wait to watch it all come to fruition.

Paige Land 2018


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