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Prayer is…
Prayer is my acknowledgement of the power and greatness within me, that is me, that is the Divine. Its the act of gratitude for such power and connection to source. I no longer need to pray to somethi ...
Forgiveness! How and why?
Forgiveness is defined as: the action or process of forgiving or being forgiven. Some may use words like mercy or pardon in place of forgiveness. HOWEVER, Forgiveness becomes: A PROCESS! When we make ...

About Metaphysical Mommies - Namaste

This blog is for empowering women to be the beautiful divine mommies they were created to be. Whether you are an expecting mommy, are considering being a mommy or are a mommy already, this blog is for you. Here I will discuss ideas from a real and honest perspective that will inspire you to make changes and empower you to live a more joyful existence in order to enjoy motherhood and embrace the precious gift that our little humans are.

Fire in the winter forestAs I am intuitively led, I will post about metaphysical ideas to aid in raising pure soulful children and empowering all the mommies/caregivers behind them. I will talk about everyday struggles whether you are a working or stay at home mommy and ways to cope with situations we often feel shameful about as we try to be super heroes. I will post topics on how to assist in our children’s evolvement of their Divine selves. I will discuss the importance of recognizing that our children are souls on their own journey the moment they decide to enter this life and will give tips on understanding their path so to better guide them in staying on it. I will share ideas on creating an environment for our children to feel safe to explore spirituality no matter what religious background you are choosing to raise them in. I will post tips on arranging an atmosphere of peace and joy in your home so that your children can be calmer and more centered. I will share topics on teaching our children awareness of our connection to energy and the oneness we are. Equally important, I will talk a lot about simple ways of taking care of ourselves as mommies and the need to stay connected to our Divine inner strength even in the midst of being elbows deep in diapers and dishes.
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