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Faith needs Patience in the Face of Uncertainty

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Faith needs Patience in the Face of Uncertainty
It is so easy to tell others to have faith in unknown circumstances. People label the worst case scenarios of needing faith as using blind faith in the times of highest distress. Blind faith, regular faith, whatever you want to label it, faith has no standing without patience. Faith is believing in that which you cannot see or understand or even fathom a favorable outcome from. Faith is easy when not a lot is at stake but it is in times of greatest turmoil with no end in sight that you need the most patience in order to gather the strength you need to gain faith or hold onto it.

Symbolism of this to me can be described by the following:FB_IMG_1423347446708

I picture myself in life much like I am standing waist deep in the ocean. I chose to walk into the ocean (life) and no matter what happens I am going to consciously choose to let it lead me on the journey I am intended to complete. In life I can feel energy all around me, like waves of the ocean rolling in and out. I know the ocean will not always be calm. I rest in the peacefulness of the moments of calm and try to ground myself in times when it is not. I can take what beats against me for a while no matter how strong or high the waves become. I can have faith as I stand there that my legs will support me despite my feet feeling unsteady at times from the strain of the waves crashing against me. Determination to not be defeated can lift me up out of the water when the waves pull me under but what truly allows me to continue to stand in the ocean and not walk away to shore is patience. Without patience and the belief that I have a reason/purpose in standing amidst the crashing waves, I would easily retreat to a safer place (shore or the past) and not push through the experience in order to gain insight and growth.

The times I have been most upset with humanity is when I have been squawked at to “just have faith.” To me it often came as a copout to taking the time to actually examine my situation and want to get give love led advice. I am a person of faith. I believe in it and live a life that more often than not forces me to have faith to function. But I never have been able to wrap my head around the ideals of faith. I mean how long do you have faith in a situation before aborting it and seeking a different outcome? How many times when faced with uncertainty where faith seemed to have failed, do you stop to examine your role in the situation for causing a difference in the results you aimed for? Once I began to face my internal battle with faith surrounding questions much like above I recognized for me that it all led back to patience or the lack of in my case. Anyone can have faith for a little while but what happens when a situation you are putting tremendous faith into seems to be at a halt? YOU PRACTICE PATIENCE! Or try to start learning it at least. 🙂

You see, I believe patience gives you the endurance to stand in your faith which in turn allows you more clarity and connection to your intuition for seeing obstacles and outcomes. Faith alone can be lonely in the midst of waves crashing against you and dragging you under time and time again. But faith coming from a place of extreme patience allows you to keep striving, pushing on, believing and getting back up instead of doubting if your faith is misplaced.

Faith is cultivated through trials…Patience must be practiced in order to obtain…One without the other their potential is VOID… -Paige Land

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 I AMSpa still-life.

I am that which I am…

What if we viewed ourselves, our lives and others from a place such as this??

I am, speaks to the nature of someone that cannot be described in words. The pure existence of who we are.

I am that which I am…. (Insert here)

Imagine what could happen if we stopped letting situations, past regrets and present relationships define us. Imagine the strength we could possess if we saw ourselves in this God energy of simply being the nature that resides inside our existence and living our life from that place of peace. Maybe then we would spend more time nurturing that magnificent energy into what it is we truly want to be remembered by. Acceptance of this knowledge would free us and allow us to shape our existence instead of letting outside forces determine results that constantly cause us to question ourselves and our purpose.

What are you? I am which I am… (Insert here)


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-We are grateful for the good but resist the bad. Resistance of the bad prohibits moving forward into the good, thus creating a cycle of ungratefulness in life. -Paige

Life is much like a wave. Energy that brings about change and growth in our journey is persistent yet shifts consistently. Much like the energy it takes to build a wave we sense the excitement and can find gratitude in the appearing presence of good in life. From the crest of the wave we can see far and wide. We often feel untouchable and/or successful.  The top of the wave is fun to ride and easy to appreciate but the downward slope before the next wave builds is where we can gain the most insight and need to exhibit the most gratitude.

The lull in energy before each wave is necessary for regeneration of its potential to be far more powerful than the previous one.  Gratitude in the lull allows you to acknowledge its purpose and endure the ride for a greater good. Without the lull there would be no new wave. The energy must fulfill its purpose, rest and rebuild for creation of the next wave. So it is the same in our lives.Vintage postcard with avenue and rainbow

Gratitude allows us to be more open to the blessings of the universe. From a place of gratitude we can more easily accept the highs and lows in life by recognizing both have a purpose. Instead of riding the wave we often resist it which creates an illusion of never moving forward. Resistance prohibits us from learning while in the lull, much less finding gratitude and can cause the lull to seem much longer than needed. Without being able to move forward into the good “the crest of wave” where we find gratitude easy, we instead fall into a constant cycle of ungratefulness in life. Let’s learn to find gratitude in both crests and lulls so that the waves are most productive, powerful and fun to ride!!!!

Are there situations/lulls you can now look back on and feel more gratitude for?


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Tribute to Papa/now one of my strongest Spirit Guides

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In honor of my strongest spirit guides/protectors/guardians from the other side, I am posting a copy of a poem my grandparents loved. My grandpa would have been granted another birthday today, April 14th but despite being able to physically celebrate, I am so blessed to be able to feel his presence and communication daily. It is because of his passing that I was able to recognize my abilities, that my gifts became alive and that I can say with certainty there is life for our soul after death. Our loved ones are always our biggest fans, urging us to push through our soul journey and encouraging us to achieve the evolvement we wanted in this life even after they cross over. My grandpa is one of the fiercest examples of this thus far in my life.

The farm excerpt below describes the place I grew up. The support and spiritual awareness I gained from the earth of this place will never be lost and to this day allows me to gain access to connect with my grandpa/grandparents simply through memories of this sacred land. In reading the writing below, you will notice that apparently they felt the same way.


My Farm

My farm to me is not just land, where bare unpainted building stand. To me my farm is nothing less than all created loveliness

My farm is not where I must soil, my hands in endless dreary toil, but where through seed and swelling pod I’ve learned to walk and talk with God.

My farm to me is not a place outmoded by a modern race. I like to think I just see less of evil, greed and selfishness.

My farm’s not lonely for all day I hear my children shout and play and here when age comes free from fears, I’ll live again long joyous years

My farm’s a heaven here dwells rest, security and happiness

Whatever befalls the world outside, here faith and love and hope abide

And so my farm is not just land where bare unpainted buildings stand. To me my farm is nothing less than all God’s hoarded loveliness

Author Unknown

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Mindfulness vs Meditation

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Mindfulness vs Meditation

How do we stay centered and grounded as busy mommies?

So you first wake up to the sound of animals yelping for food or alarm clocks ringing. You drag yourself out of bed only to be met by kids exiting their rooms as if they were lying in wait to pounce on you. Before you can get upstairs to make breakfast you are met with questions like, why is the color blue not called purple or comments such as because you made me eat my green beans last night I had a dream that an elephant sat on me. Explain this to me mommy, please, please, please….Meanwhile in the middle of trying to make breakfast the baby starts crying because the older siblings of course thought she had slept for too long and your toddler is taking off her diaper, proceeding to potty in the floor, while your 6 yr. old is simultaneously doing jumping jacks on the couch and throwing airplanes at his sisters head. But wait it’s not over yet, its only 7:30 am and you still have to get them off to school, find time to shower (yeah right, lol) all while your phone is dinging with text messages and reminders of all the wonderfulness of life you must achieve today. Whether staying at home with screaming babies or off to work to face demands of a boss who has no idea the mountains you defeated prior to clocking in at 8:30am, we all face some version of this day. It’s either cleaning or quotas that haunt us and let’s not forget bedtime drama that always lies ahead at the end of each day.   Ahhhhh…. Sound familiar?

This is just a brief summary of what I think most of us experience daily as mommies and women as a whole. Somehow at the end of each day we may have achieved something for ourselves, a quiet second, quick meal or for the real prize winners a condensed workout. Regardless, most likely it was still all done under distress. This is just what we do as mommies whether single or married. The demands are the same although support systems may be different. Recognition is seldom given and yet we still pick up the pieces and start over again each day. We may feel successful for surviving it but as women, mommies, partners and any other title we hold, we weren’t meant to just survive. WE are meant to thrive, especially in achieving what we came to this life for. Our titles are just a small part of the soul contract we signed up for. Titles and lessons learned from them develop you but should not envelop all of who you are. This my friends is when we must recognize that the strength to push through comes from a higher source and that source must be fed. So how exactly do we achieve that needed connectedness?

So you have no time for yourself already and now the idea of connecting to Spirit seems like just another task on your to do list. This is where mindfulness over meditation comes to life. Our greatest connection to the life source/Spirit is through communion and communication. Acknowledgment and gratitude on a daily basis will create habits of connectedness with Spirit that will outlast any other relationship or support system and develop a connection that saves your life in distressed moments, sometimes literally!

So what is mindfulness? When you hear meditation that’s easy. You may think of yoga or traditional images of meditation. There are millions of options for creating your own meditation space or experiencing guided meditations.  There are multiple opinions of how one should meditate. But what happens when you can’t find the time to try any of these options? You either continually push the idea aside thus never connecting to Spirit and having your life source drained daily or…… You learn MINDFULNESS.


Mindfulness is simple. It is about finding moments in the chaos to recognize Spirit. It is about clearing your mind, even for a moment on a daily basis to connect to Spirit. It about recognizing activities you do already where you can take time to acknowledge Spirit and show gratitude for what is around you. Mindfulness can help create an awareness of what you are blessed with and desire/drive to learn more about where you are going or who you were created to be.  Through mindfulness you will be more equipped to manifest what you desire and get the results you want for your life. Because mindfulness can be achieved through multitasking it may not be for all of us. Some of us may require the traditional, quiet, solitude of meditation. That is great! Find what works for you but more importantly what you can stick with and accomplish results in doing. For now I’m talking to those who are busy like me, often overwhelmed with daily tasks like me and need something to use as a connection tool that fits into chaos lest it not get done at all.

Through trial and error I have found some great examples of mindful moments that worked for me. Most mindfulness, I find, is achieved during daily tasks you already do consistently. Examples that work great for me are vacuuming, doing dishes or laundry and cleaning. All of these tasks prior to incorporating mindfulness were very hard for me to enjoy. I would delay everything until I absolutely had no choice but to jump on the task. I found the tasks even more overwhelming and time consuming the longer I waited and this created a vicious cycle of dread. Very soon after leaving my job and deciding to stay at home I became acutely aware of how little time I had. At least during a work day I could look forward to my lunch break to connect and meditate if only for a few minutes. At home I realized there really are no breaks much less guaranteed lunch some days. LOL!!! To motivate myself for doing unenjoyable tasks I decided to use those times for mindfulness. While kids were restrained I would go about cleaning, laundry, etc. and while doing the tasks I would allow my mind to drift off until all that seemed to be working was my hands. In that state I wasn’t stressing about all the other things to do, I was just in the moment watching myself do the chore but found that often I felt more like I was outside my body being fed wonderful energy or insight from Spirit while just letting my body keep moving. This not only allowed the time involved with the chore to fly by but began to transform my home into a more organized, welcoming environment. Over time I also noticed it became habit to drift to the happy place of mindfulness the more consistently I incorporated it into my tasks. I have gained some of my best insight, psychic messages and divinely channeled writings from doing mindfulness in this manner.

Another great example that worked for me was using mindfulness while laying with the kids for nap or bedtime. The idea of letting my kids go to bed on their own and cry it out was tempting at the end of long days but I found it much more rewarding to all in taking a few minutes to lie down with them. I found my presence alone often helped coach them to sleep peacefully while also granting me time to pause in my day as well.  Not only did it help us incorporate bedtime/naptime rituals and scheduling into our lives, but it gave me time to really reconnect in love with my babies after a day of sometimes constant correction and discipline. When laying with them in the midst of silence I found it much easier to pray and connect with Spirit. I use this time now to commune with Spirit by acknowledging all that I’m grateful for, manifesting needs/wants, asking questions or praying for what I seek guidance on or anything else that requires me to actually be present, not drifting like with the other examples I shared. This is just another form of mindfulness that if done even once a day will transform your life and connect you to Spirit.


My list could go on and on. For example when I do find time to exercise I choose activities that serve my mindfulness desires best. For me hiking or being in nature period is very grounding and another form of mindfulness. For years I have also embraced martial arts such as Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and Muay Thai. Anytime I am able as a mom of 3 to enjoy these activities, I immediately am able to go the happy place of mindfulness connection.

My examples are just that, examples that worked for me, not the only ways of connecting. I hope they give you ideas to spark your mindful journey but either way I am sure you will find even better choices that work for you. No matter what you choose, just do something!! Start today with a little step and each day build on that until it becomes part of you and subconsciously is fulfilled regardless of how your day goes.

Mindfulness will transform you, release you from negativity and develop a soulful awareness that no one can taint or take from you. The effort to achieve it is on you but the rewards that are showered upon you afterwards can be for all to enjoy. Your family will see the change in you. Relationships will grow healthier. Mindsets will be shift forever and you will find yourself living a more fulfilled existence.

Remember, daily connection is good for our soul and mandatory for evolvement. Spirit will seek you out to help you achieve your goals because the world needs you just as much as your family and daily relationships. However, I have found it much less daunting to seek Spirit out first before they come for me because who knows what energy they are bringing to light the fire under your backside. LOL!!!!


Seljalandsfoss, waterfall in Iceland, sunset and sunstar

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Fear freezes us on our path…Love lights the way…-by Paige LandTarot card reading with crystal ball.

Fear and love! The two biggest driving energy forces in our life. Everything comes down to fear vs love. Every decision or resulting outcome of a decision made for you, every success/failure, the ability to feel compassion and experience human connectedness, etc…

We all make decisions daily based on either fear or love. When you become aware of this fact, you can then begin to recognize these forces in your life and identify how you will approach changing the direction you are stuck in vs the direction you should be headed in.

Fear driven choices will prevent you from wanting to try for another child after a loss, or cause you to not speak up to get a deserved promotion at your new job because that is why you got fired at your old job. Fear will keep you from accepting others into your life because someone prior hurt you. Fear will disguise itself as a form of protection. In reality it is not protection you are achieving but instead blockage to love and openness that is actually the only course to healing. Fear initiates cyclic patterns of grief, bitterness, anger, rejection tactics etc… after a loss. Fear tells you something is not attainable before you try. Love tells you try because despite success or failure you still learn, so what is there to lose?

So let’s talk about LOVE! How do we LOVE more and FEAR less?

The answer is unique to us all and comes through much trial and error. It takes experiencing FEAR surrounding a situation or decision to acknowledge it and then be able to shift it into LOVE. This is where talking to myself and checklists come in quite handy. HAHA! When I first started to really embrace LOVE vs FEAR, I would try to talk myself through every situation however after a while I would forget and fall into my old habits of just reacting then trying to repair later. I knew I needed a reminder posted somewhere for me to see daily. Oddly enough, one day while shopping a small sticker literally jumped off the shelf as I walked by. I picked it up and it read simply: LOVE>FEAR. (I love it when things like that happen)

It took me a second to be pulled back into the dreaded days of math to realize it was the symbol in between that made the statement. I stuck it on the steering wheel of my car and I look at it every day. After the reminder was in place I then began self-checking when decisions arose or often in the aftermath of an emotional breakdown when I realized I may have not chosen correctly. Either way it is a learning process that I am still undergoing, however each day get easier and I get quicker now at identifying what is driving me in the moment, love or fear.  I would self-check by using this simple statement: I LOVE________ more than I FEAR_________.

Ex: I love myself more to attract a partner in my life, than I fear the idea of rejection or loss. * Then put yourself out there and allow the universe to send you all the greatness that is in store.

These are simple steps we can all begin with and I encourage you to explore some for yourself.

To summarize, we cannot live a truly fulfilled life from a place of fear. We may find contentment in our life, a false safety net or a different version of happiness for ourselves but indefinitely we will at some point see regrets come back to haunt us. We are energetic, spiritual beings that thrive life after life. We owe it to ourselves to walk in this power and we do this by loving more and fearing less.

So the next time something major is happening, a decision needs to be made or you are desiring a change in life, take a moment to evaluate all the concerned areas. Once you can identify all the parts of your current life that are not ideal or not what you expected then you can begin to ask yourself one by one what is causing this to stay in place. Identify whether love or fear based decisions led you to your current situations or are hindering you from leaving. Then take small steps to start shifting and rearranging your life based on love.

**** And most importantly do not forget to share all your wonderful success stories with me**** J


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Why our little humans choose us…….

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Why our little humans choose us……..FB_IMG_1425069210734

Our little humans are souls waiting to reincarnate. We were once little humans waiting to do the same but now as parents we get to experience this relationship from a different perspective. Because they are souls plotting the next life:

-They know what they need/want to learn before they get here

-They know what role you will play in helping them execute their soul contract

-They love who you are because they can see your true soul as it was prior to being exposed to our physical negativity chains

-They want a certain family and lifestyle which will aid in achieving what they wish for this life

-And most of all they know YOU will need them as much as they will need you in order to learn, evolve and in some form heal

I get so excited about topics like this. There is so much depth to the question of why our little humans choose us and if this a new concept for you then even more open-mindedness is needed. I will try to keep it simple while at the same time give insight to the many different angles of this complex topic. One of the most basic metaphysical ideals is soul contracts. As we go through life wondering why we experience good vs bad, hardships vs success or why certain things affect us like difficult emotional situations, phobias, heartbreak, death or sickness, much of this is explained with the foundational concept of soul contracts.

If you can consider that we are energetic souls living in a physical body then this will make more sense to you. For most of us, our souls have lived many times before this lifetime. When our physical body dies our soul does not. Instead we take a trip back home to the other side, behind the veil, or heaven, whatever you choose to call the place you believe in. While visiting we become reenergized and are able to commune with God, lost loved ones, Ascended masters, Spirit guides, Angels and many other magnificent life sources that helped us through the life we just exited. At this time you review your life, heal from regrets of things you would have done differently, celebrate your successes/growth and are then able to decide what you need to work on and achieve for further evolvement in future lives. Once your review is completed and you feel energized to begin again, then comes the exciting part. You get to sit with all of your guides once more and develop a soul contract for the next life journey that you, your guides, and God will collectively sign off on. You will decide what lessons you want to learn. You will decide on relationships and hardships that will enable you to evolve further in the next life. You will plan out every detail of what you wish to achieve and who will assist in helping you, including (drum roll)…your parents!!!!

I know I have you all laughing hysterically right now. If you are anything like the millions of us out there that question constantly why we had the parents we did, then you will definitely be revolting from the idea of the fact that you chose them. But despite how insane, traumatic or even possibly beautiful your childhood was, the truth is you did choose them and at some point in your soul journey it will become clear to you as to why.

Childhood is one of the most exciting yet confusing and difficult times we go through. It creates the foundation for belief systems, character traits and self-worth ideals. Most of the time we never escape it without some form of scaring but somehow for the most part we always survive, heal and are able to still love and embrace our parents whether from afar or more closely connected. We at some point acknowledge they too are only human, surviving their own journey, and learning from mistakes. As a kid, unfortunately you often feel as if you are just along for their ride which sometimes doesn’t feel so good, but remember you are all in the same car. Since we choose them, what does that mean to us once we begin having our own children? Well, as a parent myself that is precisely why this topic of why our little human choose us, is so dear to my heart.

Only over the last few years have I been able to grasp reasoning behind why I would have chosen my parents. As Spirit one by one revealed the kids that were choosing me, I became intrigued with understanding this part of our soul contract decision. What spirit showed me came with a lot of work on my part in accepting the idea I signed up for the hardships I faced from my childhood first. I was forced to do a lot of soul searching around what was being shared with me but finally I was able to put these thoughts into words that you are currently reading. The fact is, had I not been rejected, shamed, left to feel lonely at times, disappointed and made to feel insecure, I would never have had the experience to be living in the spiritual place I am now. I would never have searched for love in order to finally understand real love when I felt it. I would never have learned forgiveness or compassion and how those virtues are core values to my soul journey. And most importantly, I would never have been as open as I am today to the world of the Divine that allows my daily continued evolvement.

Upon meditating with this concept I have learned, despite feeling that the parents we have today may not have felt ideal, in reality we knew exactly what we needed when choosing them. We wanted to be challenged early in development so that we could help others and advance in our soul journey much easier than those with less experience of hurt. There may have been karmic cycles we wanted to break (which we will talk about more in future posts) and the parents we selected were based partly on this as well. In return it became clear I chose my parents in order for them to learn acceptance, become more open minded and be forced to learn to express emotion/unconditional love. Which all of the above we are still collectively trying to achieve. HAHAHA!!!

Now for those of you who had a wonderful childhood and great parents, congrats! You were lucky enough to be able to evolve from lessons previously learned or chose to learn them from a different approach. Nevertheless you will experience what you need from other areas of your soul journey, no matter what background you stem from, regarding this concept. We all learn what we came here for whether throughout life or when exiting. We will all execute our contracts, perfectly or not and will have wonderful memories and stories to share.

So again, why do our little humans choose us???

Because they understand what they need to achieve and will uniquely select us based on helping them execute their soul contracts. The soul of our children know before they come here what it is they will need from us. Our job is to provide an environment of understanding and exploration of what the specifics are. We cannot live out their journey for them, but we can do the best on our part to always remember we were chosen so therefore we need to honor our role in that decision. Bottom line is, we need each other to evolve and we will choose the proper relationships to aid in that.

So the next time you feel like a failure because you had a bad day with the kids or your teenager is yelling they hate you, just remember, they chose you and the emotion around not understanding why is what drives the discord. Instead of beating yourself up or distancing from them consider just taking a moment to ask Spirit for insight on what they need. Acknowledge they would not have chosen you if you were not up for the job and rest in knowing that just like you they are searching for themselves. Strive to be the parent that steps out of the box of traditional thinking to reach your child where they are and help them uncover why specifically they chose you so that you can raise a soulful energetic being that can possibly escape childhood with the least drama as possible.

Most importantly sit back and enjoy the ride. Celebrate the fact a soul chose you to be their parent regardless of how successful you end up being at that role. Embrace the little human who came into your life and look forward to the lessons you both will learn from each other. Take time to understand your deeper soul connections to one another instead of getting bogged down with day to day tasks and struggles. Remember this specific lifetime is the only one you get like this if you choose, so make every detail of it count for something. We are parents but most of all souls stuck living a human experience. We may not be perfect but we were chosen. Now do something with that!!!!!


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When Spirit Shows Up

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When Spirit Shows UpFB_IMG_1423426011215

So we are all human. We all have the days where if s@#!, d#$*, or f!@$ hasn’t slipped out already it is at least on the tip of our tongues. These are the days we feel least closely to Spirit and more likely to being overcome by our own emotional demise. We feel so disconnected and ungrounded that it seems impossible to serve others if in a moment’s notice someone would request our help in receiving information from Spirit. This type of day will happen to us over and over again. We are spiritual beings surviving a flawed human experience and we will never fully achieve a level of spiritual awareness that can shield us completely until we achieve our soul contract goals and have arrived on the other side. Even then there will be lessons to learn and evolvement to reach. Because of this, it is moments and days like discussed above that I have found to be the most beautiful.

Through many experiences and tests of my ability to be patient, I have learned that we are actually more close to Spirit in moments of weakness and flawed behavior. Emotions as a whole remind us that we are human and negatively encourages ego so much that we don’t feel worthy or available as vessels to take credit for the information we receive from Spirit in states of emotional stress or anger. Often after days or moments like discussed above we sometimes do not even make ourselves available to serve as vessels but when Spirit shows up, like it or not you will always be called upon to serve others needs and relay messages that are needed to heal, help and shed light and love. Surprisingly enough, when we step aside and step up to the plate we are more likely to be the best version of the spiritual vessel we were created to be when we are at our lowest point of human emotion. When ego is ignored and doubt of worthiness is pushed aside, we are more available to serve Spirit, work for Spirit and therefore be open to help and heal others who need to hear what Spirit wants to share through us. We can more purely deliver messages without second guessing ourselves and can get out of our own way enough to be present and focused on the person in need instead of our own needs or preconceived outcomes. Spirit is unconditional love. Spirit knows we will fail sometimes to show compassion, love and patience, but despite our downfalls the calling on our lives and our soul purpose never changes.

It is through much experience with days when I felt too far from Spirit to help anyone, even myself, which I have found I have been called upon most often to serve or give messages to others. Through much patience, faith and a knowing of who I am, I have gathered the strength in weak moments to step up and be open as a vessel to serve in hopes that Spirit would give the person what they needed despite how I felt. These times have been the most amazing experiences in my journey and I can promise you Spirit has never failed the person who needed the message most.

When Spirit shows up, they really show up and nothing you or I do can change that. Actually it’s quite comforting, the realization that to serve Spirit we aren’t expected to be perfect. Even in a flawed state, our connection to the main life source overtakes anything we could possibly try to do on our own. So go ahead and live out these bad days with no regrets. Learn from them, try to embrace improving upon reactions that set days or moments like this off for you, but never, ever, ever second guess your abilities or who you. REMEMBER, when Spirit shows up and calls on you to be a vessel, the message will come and the person you were created to be will shine brighter than any fear of worthiness or perfection. When these moments arise and it’s all over, just show gratitude that we are connected to such a brilliant life source of God/Universal energy that allows us to be flawed without condemnation.

PaigeWaterfall (with Wood Stairs)

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The Empowered Women vs The Feminist

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The Empowered Women vs The Feminist

Which mommy do you want to be?Young woman enjoying the nature

Feminism and the ideals surrounding it have been discussed and evolving for years. Depending on what view you may have or where you find yourself in relation to the feminist movement the meaning of what a true feminist is can be quite different for each woman. Some feminist ideals carry an energy of victimization surrounding the notion that because we are women we have to work harder to gain individualism and respect in order to be equal with our male counterparts and if we do not receive the promotion or credit due us then it must be because we are a woman. This attitude often can lead to laziness and lack of responsibility for our actions or even worse can create an air of competition and drive that clouds the true vision of what the feminist woman may actually be trying to achieve. With feminism, comes an energy of divine strength and that is something to always be cherished. But with no clear explanation of a movement that is so widely acknowledge, much can be left to our own interpretation. As we all know, it is far too easy to allow interpretations to become our truths that we then pass down to generation after generation. I don’t know about you but I am tired of passing down lifeless knowledge just because someone told me it was true. The knowledge I want to share with my daughter must come from a place of experience and divine insight.

The idea that being a strong independent women who needs no one’s help and who can achieve great success in the face of adversity alone, actually creates a separation from the oneness we were created to be as spiritual beings experiencing a human soul journey together. It creates a mindset of slight disrespect and lack of gratitude for those who came before us and paved the road for women to become independent with a more spiritual plan in mind. It discredits all the wonderful souls we share life with and encounter daily that have an important role no matter the size, in helping us propel into our true identities and stay on our soul path. The individuals who helped in setting the feminist movement in motion wanted equality and mutual respect for both sexes. They wanted women to be heard and appreciated for the feminist qualities they possessed that were needed to create balance in a time of extraordinary shift. The movement was meant to unite, not initiate greater separation. This skewed view of feminism is where I feel an empowered women can teach the difference.

Empowered women are of course in touch with their feminist qualities. They are often independent, strong and have proven countless times the ability to provide for their own needs and the dependents around them. The difference comes that in the midst of being able to stand alone and proud in that, the empowered women recognizes where her strength comes from. She draws from the energy of the Divine. She understands the importance of being centered, grounded and comfortable with self without letting her confidence be ego driven. This egoless empowerment protects her from inner feminist selfishness and manifests the same goals a feminist tries to achieve but from a more spiritual place of love and compassion. The empowered woman has gratitude for the situations in her past that helped personal soul evolvement. She credits much of her achievements to the support systems in the present that recharge her daily and she unites with energies of the future  allowing them to guide her along the path of learning about her true divine self. The empowered woman recognizes that she is not “all powerful” but is allowed to be who she is with the help of others around her. She can stand alone and she can be on her own but she never forgets that the road is better traveled with others as we are all one. An empowered woman takes pride in her inner self worth but will not degrade others to prove it. She is selfless, egoless, and confident to stand in the beauty of her own inner truth no matter what situation she faces, or what social group she finds herself aligned with. Empowerment driven by love not ego allows her to shine her light wherever she goes without effort or need to prove her position.

No matter what religion or spiritual background you spring from, the principles are the same. We are connected and our actions always affect those around us. Every decision we make creates a ball of energy that can either destroy or restore.  We can choose to make good connections that empower us or negative connections that at some point we will have to disassociate with. All of this is part of our soul journey and lessons to evolve us. Because we are connected, energetic beings we must always show gratitude that we are not doing this journey alone. We can be only as intelligent as the information we strive to know and can be only as empowered as the connections we hold to other energetic souls around us.

When you become empowered these ideas discussed become your truth; a truth that can be proudly shared with your daughters for future generations to embrace. When you begin to latch on to the empowerment available to you, not only will you feel more self- fulfillment but you will become the amazing mommy you earnestly seek to be. You can be honest about expectations of yourself, accept flaws or failures without associating shame to them and be more open to channeling Spirit/ Universal God energy to give you wisdom to raise soulful children as well as influence the birth of numerous other empowered mommies.

I encourage you to think about your own empowerment today. Where do you stand on the line of feminism vs empowerment? Which energy would you like to share with your children? And then from a place of personal understanding, please share this blog with all the extraordinary women in your life so that our universe can begin to shine a little more brightly each day. Just think what you can do on your own when you feel empowered and then imagine how much greater that would be with millions of other empowered women behind you.

Blessings in love, light and Divine healing



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