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NeW ViEW in the NeW YeAR!!!

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New View in the New YearDollarphotoclub_77551531_1150x400

In a dream the other night I felt like I was falling. I heard voices in the dark calling my name to come closer and listen carefully. I literally woke up and looked around to make sure my surroundings were still in tack because the dream made me feel as if everything around me was crumbling. I felt if I listened to the voices then I would awake in a new place with new instructions.  Although this dream could have been very disturbing to most, once I let emotion of the experience settle I immediately realized it was an amazing message from Spirit.

With 2016 upon us I know this dream was symbolism of the changes and new awakenings meant for the new year. Much like the dream, this year, 2015 is crumbling away quickly and we are blessed to be entering once again a new year. With a new year there is always change whether we choose to initiate it or be victim of it. Most importantly, entering a new year with open minds and ears to hear Spirit guide us on the journey is symbolic of the voices I heard in complete darkness. The beauty of the dream was that in the moment the darkness didn’t matter because all I wanted to do was listen harder since I could not see. The new year is much like the darkness. We technically do not know our future and so the unknown can feel as if we are wandering in darkness. But often we get caught up in the fact that there is darkness instead of just listening to the voices.  You do not need to see what is ahead to listen and or believe that more is to come. You can hear without seeing.

The fact that 16 is one of my favorite combos of my most favorite number 6 makes me very excited for 2016. I will like most set goals and have resolutions of change, however I will now focus mostly on listening to the voices in the darkness. Thanks to Spirit as always sending what I need exactly when I can receive it, now I can wake up every morning of the new year with a new view of the darkness. 



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Just keep climbing, just keep climbing, just keep climbing… Where do we go from here? Vision Boards and more…

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Endless Road

Endless Road

It’s easy to have a vision. It’s easy to consider in moments of emotion what we would rather be doing, feeling or accomplishing. But it’s the daily pursuit of those things which we wish to create as reality that is the key to fulfillment.

Holding the vision while trusting the process is the hardest, most disciplined act of faith.

It’s when the universe brings you to a place of discontentment and longing for more that you should realize you’re closer to the destined path that ever. The moment you look up from the bottom of the barrel

gun rifled barrel inside 3d RAW render

to see the light, the vision ahead, but have no clear direction on how the hell you will make the climb to grasp it, is when one must trust the process. You will choose to see the climb as a deterrent and stay at the bottom of the barrel of dissatisfaction or you can decide to start climbing up despite having no clue where you may be going.

You won’t always know where you are or why you are experiencing events that seem to not mesh with your vision. You will take left turns instead of “right” ones but as long as you keep moving, climbing to the top it will not matter how you got there once you wake up living your vision.

wooden barrel

wooden barrel

Moving forward with enough love to accept hiccups, compassion for yourself in setbacks and strength in determination to achieve your vision will allow you to stay connected to the Divine source along the way. This will allow you to pull guidance from the God energies and have a connection enough to continue to trust the process in moments when you feel discouraged. Never ever forget your vision and despite making alterations always have tunnel vision towards the prize. Know that you will manifest your vision despite the process if you always keep moving. In this moment you may not know how you will get there or where to go from here but just keeping climbing.

WITHOUT A VISION ONE WILL REMAIN LOST!!!Purpose - Bunch of Keys with Text on Golden Keychain.


Tips for attaining your vision:

-Create a Vision Board! Don’t wait, do it today. Do it the moment you feel a desire to achieve something! This allows you to have a tangible image of your vision to hold on to when enduring the climb.

-Meditate daily on how to manifest your vision!

-Take time to recharge from the climb. When feeling overwhelmed or discouraged take a time out and do something that replenishes your soul and gives you strength to keep going. Get away, go on vacation or take a break from daily routines.

-Find humor in the struggle. Spirit knows we will achieve our destiny and that is why some feel like God is often laughing at our way of making minor situations feel major. We are the ones who constantly need convincing.  Always climb while seeing the big picture so that you can laugh at all the craziness along the way instead of getting lost in misery.

PaigeBusiness plans



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Intuitively Guided Metaphysical Wedding/Unity ceremonies

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Intuitively Guided Metaphysical Wedding/Unity Ceremonies

Intuitively Guided Metaphysical Wedding/Unity CeremoniesLandart Yin und Yang

I would love to create a memorable wedding/unity ceremony with you! I specialize in metaphysical themed weddings. I will customize your wedding ceremony based on your desires and what I am intuitively led to do. Together we will develop a plan that leads to the most spiritual and metaphysical wedding/unity experience one could ever imagine!

IN preparation for the ceremony our first session will include a couples’ mini energy reading and we will discuss any desires you have for the ceremony. This session usually takes about 1hr and is included in the service cost.

Based on the information I channel for you and the desires you share I will begin to create a customized wedding ceremony that is divinely designed with your energy as a couple feeding the creativity of the plan.

After I have created the inital plan we will discuss it and go over any changes that are needed. Once changes are made we will finalize the plan and be ready to embark on the joyous day ahead.

***(I ask for no more than 1 refinement of finalized plan be made and it must be done no later than 2 weeks prior to ceremony. Extra fees may apply to this or additional refinements.)

Fees are based on dates, location, travel costs and level of service for customized plan.

Please call Paige 720*290*7468 for a quote or email questions/requests at

I am so excited to hear from you!!!!




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House Clearing/Blessing complete with HOme RiTUals and individual psychic readings!

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New Services offered at Serene Escapes & Healing by Paige


I am so excited to officially announce a new service I am offering!!!wicca

HOUSE CLEARING/BLESSING complete with HOME RITUALS and individual mini psychic readings!!!

Behind the scenes I have been providing house clearings for existing clients and internal referrals. It has become a huge success and passion so I have decided to now advertise this as a new service to all!

A house clearing with me is not an ordinary clearing of energy or unwanted spirits. I will customize your clearing as I am  intuitively guided to do so. In preparation for your clearing I will ask for the names of all individuals living in the home, then as Spirit guides me I will channel information provided and journal this to bring and share.  I will clear your home then cleanse each household member before reentering the home. I will set intentions of protection over each household member while providing a mini intuitive reading in relation to the energy of the home and your soul purpose. Lastly as a group I will lead you in a customized ritual (also intuitively designed for your home)to seal the clearing and bring our session to completion.

Japanese ZEN garden

My methods for clearing not only create lasting results but because they are Spirit led I am able to leave you with tools to help  keep the energy in your space clear, leading to a more peaceful environment and soulful life. A clearing with me will be insightful as well as helpful in identifying your soul journey path. I do not want to just clear your home of unwanted energy and spirits but I want to see your life cleared of these as well… Call me or email me today and trust that you will not regret it!!!

Contact Paige 720*290*7468 or email

SESSIONS are typically 1.5 hrs depending on the energy I feel upon arrival to your home.escape_and_healing

Price is $160 

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Don’t pick up That JUNK!!! Attract the energies you want and eliminate the ones you don’t!!!

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Don’t pick up That JUNK!!!

Attract the energies you want and eliminate the ones you don’t!!!Sensing Space

Recently I had a conversation with clients regarding clearing their home of unwanted entities. The clients’ first comment was concern for me not coming on this beautiful FULL moon or near the weekend so close to Halloween in fear of the energies being too intense. Although his concern was quite genuine and much appreciated, it sparked my need to share the idea of controlling our own energy space. As I explained to him how thoughtful it was to consider these events as impacting my ability to clear his home, it immediately hit me of the importance to teach others that no matter what situation is upon you, no outside energy can harm or effect your purpose if you “Don’t pick up That JUNK!”

So how do we go through the day to day or face unique circumstances without picking up energies/junk we do not want or that may even scare us? The truth is I am far from naïve and have had enough experience with dark entities to know some of the spirits we feel or energies we deal with are not always easy to control. Some can be very scary to say the least. However the more I evolve the fiercer I become in wanting to eliminate these types of energies and understand the importance of remaining clear and grounded in order to not attract them either.

As humans we are walking bundles of energy. Souls whether on this side or the other, freed or trapped in the “between places” are also bundles of energy, making us all beakers of light. How much we exude our energy whether purposefully or unaware affects how bright our light shines and the brightness of our light affects what light we attract as well. When we are in control of our personal energy and can reel it in or illuminate it on command we have better control of what energies/junk we pick up or allow in. When we do not have control of our energy/light then we are susceptible to any and all other energies invading our space at free will. Unfortunately there are always negative entities waiting in the wings to take advantage of the brightest most unprotected/uncontrolled light. And often it’s not until you start feeling ill or emotional or have a traumatic supernatural experience that you realize your light has been left unattended and invaded.

Selenite natural crystal mineral gypsum known as satin spar, desert rose, and gypsum flower

Selenite natural crystal mineral gypsum known as satin spar, desert rose, and gypsum flower

Then what? And how do we not let that happen again?

Clearing negative entities from your space, home, office etc.… is one thing but after your surroundings are clear if you personally are not sealed up and protected then you can draw in the same energies you just rid yourself of. So as much as I thoroughly love clearing spaces for clients my true joy comes from teaching them how to clear themselves and remain grounded in order to stay protected and control what energies they allow in or pick up. I give tools to help them face unwanted energies and gradually take control of their light and what comes to it. By doing this they also become enlightened and empowered to take over their own space in the event other unwanted entities show up again. I will share some of the tips I give clients below. Everyone has individual needs but I hope you find some of these tips helpful and most importantly begin TODAY taking control of your light so you “Don’t pick up That JUNK!”..




Some examples of ways to clear/protect yourself:

-Shower while envisioning the water as white light covering you and rinsing away the energies attached to you.

-Meditation/Prayer daily, usually prior to start of day to remain grounded

-Use divination tools that bring you closer to spirit such as prayer beads, tarot or angel cards, etc.…

-Learn about the power of Archangels and connect with your spirit guides for help and protection

-Go barefoot more often to stay grounded with Mother Earth energy

-Eat as healthy as possible to have clean energy entering your body so to stay balanced from the inside out


Ways to clear/protect your surroundings:

-Use essential oils, incense, stones or other objects that deflect specific energies.

-Set up your house with protection in mind by displaying items such as crosses, stones, angels, prayer beads, tarot/angel cards, etc.…

-Display pictures of spirit guides especially loved ones who have passed that you feel connected to

-Display figurines or pictures of spirit animals/guides to draw on their abilities/energies

-Burn candles

-Burn sage and/or frankincense or other incense daily

-Use salt lamps


Above are just a few examples of things that work. For a more customized plan for your needs or intuitive counseling to help you daily on your path contact me by visiting my website:

Much Love and LIGHT

PaigeGray Wolf Howling






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“WRite” what’s WrOnG in order to “Right” what’s WronG!!

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Just “Write” what’s Wrong!!

From much reflection of my writings since childhood, one thing remains clear to this day: Write what’s wrong!

In recently reading my numerous journals and notebooks of work, I got a glimpse of how often writing has saved me from saying or doing things that could never be taken back. I was able to identify how often I walked away from things too soon or did not disconnect sooner when I should have let Spirit take charge.   Likewise in the moments through life where I have not held my tongue I was able to see how helpful it could have been to take a moment and write my thoughts out before jumping to a judgment or lashing out at others I have cared for. Through writing I have been guided to the mindfulness that embodies human nature if we just seek peace and love first. Prior to letting unforgiveable words roll off our tongues causing toxicity to pour onto those around us let’s take a moment and “write what’s wrong in order to make “right” what is wrong.

Over the last year of evolvement in my soul journey,  I have felt consumed with forgiveness and sought to tie up loose ends of past experiences by making “wrongs” right with many who have hurt me or whom I have caused harm to in the past. It’s through writings of these past experiences I have been able to process the emotions tied to these situations/people and therefore been able to decide to reach out to correct the “wrong” or accept the experience for what it was and be able to truly move on. Either way it has been life changing and a huge burden has been lifted off of my ego man which led me to believe I could control anything to begin with. Next time you find yourself lacking trust in humanity from the burn of past hurt on your life just take a moment and “write” what’s wrong. YOU just might find yourself sooner than you thought living a life that’s truly your own, untainted by burdensome baggage!!!

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I swear I LIVED!!!

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2015-04-21_15.07.15I swear I lived! That’s part of one of my favorite songs and something I can’t wait to say as I close my eyes to wake up on the Other side. But even more joy will come from seeing my kids say the same as I am looking after them from the Other side. My goal in life is to love harder, live stronger and experience all the beauty each day can bring with an awareness that some of us are birth to change this life while others are birth to challenge us along our journey. Either way I hope I continue to experience everything as it’s the only way I can take pain without suffering and fall without breaking. With every broken heart and FB_IMG_1425069210734disappointment I lived. With every challenge I grew. With every ounce of happiness I flourished. With every milestone I appreciated life more. I want to stop counting the days down for something great on the horizon but instead began adding up the days I’ve owned my life and memorized my memories in the making. I don’t want to go out without saying I did it all. Whatever my all is. And I want my kids to see the example I set so they may do the same.FB_IMG_1425069080735

I owned every second that this world could give

I saw so many places with things that I did and

With every broke bone

I swear I lived…




Song reference credited to lyrics of “I Lived” by OneRepublic

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All for ONE Soul!

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All for ONE Soul!

Dreaming Intellect series. Graphic composition of human face and technological elements to serve as complimentary design for subject of mind, reason, intelligence and imagination

Have you ever wondered how people or events are so interconnected? Well one of the greatest Ascended Masters, Jesus, explained it best when he died on the cross and stated he would have done it even for just ONE soul that needed saving.

The idea of this came to me recently while working with a client. I randomly met a young male who after seeing what I did felt led to send his mother to me. Upon meeting with his mother I soon discovered the session was about much more than just her questions or desires for meeting me. Halfway through the session it was revealed to me and became very apparent to all of us who were present that the reading was actually to give guidance on how to connect with another relative they had lost touch with who desperately needed healing. They may not have been able to get her to me but Spirit used me to still get to her. AHHH!!! The Divine is so divine.

Spirit works in mysterious ways. Daily our motives and plans may be in accordance with our wants or desires but there is a bigger puppeteer in charge of it all and that is Spirit. Meeting one person could lead to them sending another someone your way in order for Spirit to relay a message for a completely different individual, which in turn affects the life of one specific person whose need to receive a message or healing was the sole cause of every other encounter leading up to the unfolding of the plan.  WOW!

Just think about how much orchestration occurs daily on our behalf to encourage and enlighten us and those around us in life. That’s what it’s all about. One person taking the time to acknowledge another person or situation as a means to a bigger picture and surprise, suddenly all involved become touched and healed. We are all vessels to the Divine but so often become bogged down by life’s challenges that we lose sight of the beautiful miracles right in front of us. WE are all souls interconnected and effected by situations on our soul journey that are meant for growth and empowerment. Yet we are at our best when we realize we may be individual souls however everything we go through is often a path leading to saving or enriching the life of just ONE soul.

Jesus would have died for just ONE soul. That same love crosses over beyond the veil. Our loved ones who have crossed carry unconditional love more abundantly for us after no longer bearing the weight of our ego man from this side. Those we have lost are forever with us and will do whatever it takes to get messages of healing and encouragement to us. Let’s not forget this and daily become more vigilant to the amazing efforts Spirit puts forth to catch our attention and change our lives as well as enrich the lives of the wonderful souls around us.

Just ONE Soul matters…Pass it on…

The word Angels written in vintage letterpress type


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I am overwhelmed with Emotion!! SHARE the Healing power of MEDITATION!

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After a long awaited process my book is officially in print and available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon as well as directly from my website.

I sit here overwhelmed with emotion looking back at what I have accomplished in just a year. I feel so blessed that in the face of adversity daily, Spirit instilled a sense of perseverance that led to such fulfillment. I not only gave birth to my 3rd child in May but I ushered a new 1st grader off to school this year and tackled the energy of a new 2 year old ready to take on the world, all in the midst of going back to work full time, starting a business and being mom and partner to my LOVE Justin. WOW!! that was a mouth full. LOL!!

I wouldn’t change a thing because all of this craziness led to the need for my book and what it represents which is the need for empowerment and peace for dealing with daily life tasks. Meditation is life changing. I hope only to practice it more daily and excite others to do the same. Please share the love. #MY Spiritual Journal of Guided MEditations.

PaigeMeditating with healing energy

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My 1st Public EVent. Please RSVP!! Let’s go Beyond the Veil…

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COME SEE ME. SHARE in my 1st PUBLIC EVENT!!!!FrontCover 

I will be at:
Full Moon Books and Events
Friday, August 14, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.

Spend an evening: Going Beyond the Veil with Paige

Are you longing to hear from loved ones on the other side? If so, you will surely want to attend this special evening. Paige will share stories of her connections with spirit which have been
life-changing for her as well as her clients. She will lead everyone through a guided meditation called “Connecting with Loved Ones Who Have Crossed” from her new book My Spiritual Journal of Guided Meditations. And most excitingly, she will give individual readings for those in the group who have loved ones who show up in spirit. All who attend are bound to leave with some invaluable information that can be cherished for years to come. Please join us.

Paige is a gifted psychic medium, author and mother of three. She channels information from the Divine to encourage and heal her clients so that they achieve peace and success in their soul journey. Paige currently provides medium services, angel card readings as well as traditional intuitive sessions either by phone or from her Westminster office. To learn more about her go
Also keep posted on Paige’s thoughts and projects by visiting her blog at
Friday, August 14, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.
Full Moon Books and Events

There is no charge for this event.
It is our gift to you.

You must RSVP so that we can save you a place.
Please RSVP by replying to this email,
emailing Kim at
or calling Kim or Peter at 303-237-1102.


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