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Humble vs Grateful/Kind

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Humble  vs  Grateful/Kindlion2bg1600x500

Humble versus grateful is interesting. So we are taught to be humble by religion or family or mentors so often but at the same told to let our light shine. That’s one big contradiction! Humble I feel comes from a place of belittlement. Be humble is often spoken from the mouths of those who see someone else exceling and is given as a reminder DO NOT get too big. You must not break records or strive for the skies or else you must be reminded to be humble. It is a word that feels like suppression. Why can’t I reach for the stars and not have to be reminded that I am doing something others may not be able to or choose not to?

NO ONE SAYS YOU CAN’T! In fact, it is limiting beliefs that spark inside you after hearing a word like “humble” that tells you, you can’t, not the universe, not spirit, not the Divine but instead ego man!

Spirit wants all great things for us. Ultimate evolvement! The powers of the universe want to see you excel at everything you came here to do and learn. All that they require in return is gratitude with a little mixture of kindness. Why should you dull your sparkle in regards to humbleness just because another’s sparkle is dull? You don’t need to make your greatness small to make others feel better but instead in kindness and gratitude teach others how to make theirs bigger. If we all humble ourselves then where will all our leaders and path creators and energy shifters go? We are all meant to be ONE as we circle through this life back into the Divine but we are also meant to be the best version of ourselves and learn compassion, love and kindness. And in learning help others find the way too.

Be grateful for your abilities and remember to be kind to those less fortunate. When preventable never leave one behind but in doing so DO NOT humble yourself. Instead help others shine with you!

Beautiful dark woman with sword in a desert and stormy landscape. Fantasy and surreal

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1st EVENT ON JUNE 10th the 7 wk Series to follow: 

plumeria flower on ancient hand of buddha statue

Holding Ultimate Gratitude

The art of the hug!

an evening with Paige

June 10, 2016

Doors open friday at 6:30pm event starts at 7pm-8:30pm

Iddle Bits of This & That Art Gallery

(Outdoor garden area in back of store)

3969 W. 73rd Avenue

Westminster, CO

RSVP with Paige 720-290-7468

$15 per person at the door. Enjoy browsing the store before event!

Join me for an evening of ritual gathering with music and food while we learn THE ART OF THE HUG and how it can change your life and the world. H- Holding U-Ultimate G-Gratitude for the soul you are sharing the hug with. Acknowledging their soul is beautiful and needed in this world for healing and transformation.  We will let the energy guide us while we cherish the souls around us for a beautiful Colorado evening outdoors…

(Welcome to bring your own food, drink (no alcohol) blankets or chairs although some will be provided)


7 WEEK SERIES, Friday evenings in JUNE and JULY

Woman warrior. Amazon woman. Warrioress

Woman warrior. Amazon woman. Warrioress


Join us Fridays at 7pm

June 17, 24  &  July 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

 Doors open at 6:30pm, feel free to browse the store (same location as above event)

Igniting the soul warrior within to walk in your DIVINE destiny with strength, courage and ultimate connection to source.

You can’t feel it, BUT soon YOU WILL!

7-week Soul Warrior Chronicles will consist of:

Intuitive led sessions and teaching in a beautiful outdoor venue (Bring your own blankets and enjoy the grass with me or chairs will be provided).

Meditations and journaling with weekly assignments uniquely designed for your particular situations as I am shown your needs from Spirit.

Music, drumming and soul work. Dancing out our inner yuck so our warrior will shine.

Rituals and life skills to help empower your warrior and keep you moving into your soul’s destiny after the chronicles have ended.

Blessings and crowning of our warriors as they emerge.

Celebration of weekly successes from our fellow Soul Warriors in training.

Ceremonies to honor the Divine and ignite your Soul Warrior to jump into your soul path.

And whatever else Spirit surprises us with!


RSVP WITH PAIGE at Serene Escapes & Healing: call or text 720-290-7468

$15 per session at the door or pay up front and save 5% for total of $99

Learn more about Paige at: or



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This Little Light that’s ME!! Why your LIGHT is IMPORTANT!!

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This Little Light that’s ME!! Why your LIGHT is IMPORTANT!!

hand holding candle in the dark night indoor on bokeh textured grungy background

Today was hard!

Fighting sickness. Struggling to work and be mom. Struggling to be a present partner and friend. All while living the role of LIFE Soul Coach to others struggling just like me and trying not to look like a hypocrite of the message I teach because I had a hard day. YEP that sums it up…

In a moment of feeling overwhelmed with emotion for all the efforts I put out into the universe and other humans just like me, I confided in someone today and in response to my need to just be heard or understood they asked me: How do you teach this message to others while not feeling always positive and good yourself and not feel like a hypocrite? At first the word “hypocrite” really stung and felt harsh but after coming home and washing away the day with a warm lavender bath, the work, the struggle, the view that others may have, etc… suddenly didn’t matter.

What came to me was the image of a little candle giving light in the darkness even though it was so small and meek. AH HA!!! We are to be that candle. I AM THAT CANDLE!!

Situations or conditions around us may sometimes affect our flame but it does not change our composition of that as a candle/light.  No matter how bright our light is at the moment or how dull life stuff can make our flame we are still giving light to those in darkness and no one can extinguish our flame if we choose otherwise.

How much better is it to shine a little than not at all in a world full of people not shining at all? Does that make us a hypocrite to state we are a candle and shining even when we are dull? OR does the moment where we ask for help from others to make us thrive and give us oxygen to grow our flame weakness? Does any of that change that we are still a candle? NO!!!

I pray all of us seek daily to make our “little light” shine despite how big or small because I know there is someone in the darkness of life looking for even the smallest glimpse of us that will not care how bright you are, only that you gave them hope by seeing your example. Not an example of the light that outshines all and never faces issues or copes with “hard days” but the example of what light really is…

The energy that says I AM a LIGHT and despite all I may face I will be compassionate enough to share my light even if just a little! I will daily work on growing my light and with guidance from the Divine within me I will shine no matter how big or small.

This little LIGHT that’s ME. I’m gonna let it shine!


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HAPPY HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!! and some great numbers today. 4/22/16 Yay!

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escape_and_healingaiHAPPY HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!! and some great numbers today too 4/22/16  2016-04-22_16.35.41


After working with clients all day, I came home and immediately felt moved to go lay in the grass and write. I was then reminded of today being Earth day as I took in all the energy of the grass and EARTH below me. What a beautiful day in Colorado to celebrate a beautiful planet all the Divine powers created for us. Send up gratitude today for this amazing environment we live in and remember to bless her (Mother Earth) each day so we start to put back a little more energy than we are always taking away…

Celebrate!! HUG a Tree!!! LOL!!!


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DRiving our Souls!

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We are all learning to drive our souls; navigating the waters of uncertainty in the presence of the unknown while following a voice from within we don’t yet recognize but WE WILL. -Paige 4-17-16driving our souls pic with text

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I’m a Blank Page…What shall your canvas be??

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I’m a Blank Page…What shall your canvas be??

What does the canvas of your life look like? In this moment do you have dreams or aspirations?mani, germoglio, natura, ramoscello

Do you have lists of regrets staring you down and don’t know how to erase them?

Do you have stresses, doubts, fears or inhibitions?

Rather you have a blank canvas than nothing at all…

What shall your canvas be?

When you take your last breath and the energy leaves…

What shall your canvas be?

Written by Paige 4-14-16

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House Clearing/Blessing complete with HOme RiTUals and individual psychic readings!

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New Services offered at Serene Escapes & Healing by Paige


I am so excited to officially announce a new service I am offering!!!wicca

HOUSE CLEARING/BLESSING complete with HOME RITUALS and individual mini psychic readings!!!

Behind the scenes I have been providing house clearings for existing clients and internal referrals. It has become a huge success and passion so I have decided to now advertise this as a new service to all!

A house clearing with me is not an ordinary clearing of energy or unwanted spirits. I will customize your clearing as I am  intuitively guided to do so. In preparation for your clearing I will ask for the names of all individuals living in the home, then as Spirit guides me I will channel information provided and journal this to bring and share.  I will clear your home then cleanse each household member before reentering the home. I will set intentions of protection over each household member while providing a mini intuitive reading in relation to the energy of the home and your soul purpose. Lastly as a group I will lead you in a customized ritual (also intuitively designed for your home)to seal the clearing and bring our session to completion.

Japanese ZEN garden

My methods for clearing not only create lasting results but because they are Spirit led I am able to leave you with tools to help  keep the energy in your space clear, leading to a more peaceful environment and soulful life. A clearing with me will be insightful as well as helpful in identifying your soul journey path. I do not want to just clear your home of unwanted energy and spirits but I want to see your life cleared of these as well… Call me or email me today and trust that you will not regret it!!!

Contact Paige 720*290*7468 or email

SESSIONS are typically 1.5 hrs depending on the energy I feel upon arrival to your home.escape_and_healing

Price is $160 

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Intuitively Guided Metaphysical Wedding/Unity ceremonies

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Intuitively Guided Metaphysical Wedding/Unity Ceremonies

Intuitively Guided Metaphysical Wedding/Unity CeremoniesLandart Yin und Yang

I would love to create a memorable wedding/unity ceremony with you! I specialize in metaphysical themed weddings. I will customize your wedding ceremony based on your desires and what I am intuitively led to do. Together we will develop a plan that leads to the most spiritual and metaphysical wedding/unity experience one could ever imagine!

IN preparation for the ceremony our first session will include a couples’ mini energy reading and we will discuss any desires you have for the ceremony. This session usually takes about 1hr and is included in the service cost.

Based on the information I channel for you and the desires you share I will begin to create a customized wedding ceremony that is divinely designed with your energy as a couple feeding the creativity of the plan.

After I have created the inital plan we will discuss it and go over any changes that are needed. Once changes are made we will finalize the plan and be ready to embark on the joyous day ahead.

***(I ask for no more than 1 refinement of finalized plan be made and it must be done no later than 2 weeks prior to ceremony. Extra fees may apply to this or additional refinements.)

Fees are based on dates, location, travel costs and level of service for customized plan.

Please call Paige 720*290*7468 for a quote or email questions/requests at

I am so excited to hear from you!!!!






Intuitively Guided Metaphysical Wedding/Unity Ceremonies


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Springing Forth with LesS BaGGage

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3d cross fantastic design from different angles

Greetings everyone! It’s been awhile but not in vain…

I have been resting in the beautiful saturation of Spirit as we have jointly been replenishing  a lot, releasing  a lot and preparing  a lot for my forward journey.

Kilmalkedar Church, Dingle Peninsula, Ireland

However all in the perfect timing of Spring and rebirth season I am now ready to hit the earth running.  Whether Christian, celebrating the Ascended Master Jesus with his defeat of the physical body “death” or  rejoicing in the renewal of Mother Earth with her native history or igniting in the energy of the Gods and Goddess of ole,  in regards to Easter, I bless you all.

For this season is a time for all of us to jump up out of the winter inward retreat and burst open like spring flowers  into something new that we are called to do or cleanse from our lives. If you haven’t already, start preparing goals for the summer sowing  in order to yield harvest this year. I encourage you to honor this Easter by releasing the old baggage that weighed you down during the winter so to be free to flourish for the rest of this marvelous 2016.

Jump up and bury those things that no longer server you,  either mentally or literally. Write lists of intentions for the year. Journal dreams that can aid in discovering the hidden jewels of the subconscious. Join a new circle of like-minded souls. Embrace those who love and accept you and release those who do not! Make a drum or other piece of art to aid in releasing the old. Whatever sounds good do it. But do it NOW!!!

Elf woman with the magic bow on the forest background.

Get moving cause Jesus is no longer in the tomb, Gods and Goddesses of the old world are awakened and Mother Earth is springing up anew.  I say so should you!!!!

Blessing one and all!!!


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Give the LoVe around and back Around it GoEs…2016

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Give the LoVe around and back Around it GoEsDollarphotoclub_76637333

Yay! Its 2016. I love 16, 6, 26, 66, 666, all the 6’s make me happy. And happy is what I want to carry through this year. Everything is connected and most things cycle. This past year has cycled, patterns were created and some were hopefully broken. Battles were won while others were lost. Some people survived, some people lived, some people just simply existed while many dear to us or others we know may have exited as well. It’s all connected and the one thing that remains the same even in this new year is that LOVE is the root of all the emotions connected to memories, even the unpleasant ones.

Give love around and back around it goes. The cycle I was discussing! So how does this play into our lives and the new year?

In reflection of this past year for the sole purpose of not repeating the same crap, I challenge you to dissect events of the past year and how they affected you from a place of love. Where was love rooted in the problem or solution of certain situations?

WE can love something or the idea of it so much we don’t let go in time and get hurt more than expected. WE can love someone too much and get caught up in loss instead of lessons surrounding them. WE can love ourselves too much or too little and be blinded to Spirit on how to improve our lives. Or even more scary we can love to hate more than love to love and thus stay in a dark place that will lead to nothing but regret. Let’s EvAluate!! And not repeat the same mistakes, although mistakes are relative and often necessary stepping stones. Anyway… moving forward, moving forward…

Focus on LOVE in the new year. Make decisions or evaluate circumstances that are not working with love in mind and see if you get different results. I know I will!!!

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